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New to SLE - far from new to PE...My upcoming adventure

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  • New to SLE - far from new to PE...My upcoming adventure

    Documenting a new journey

    First of all, before we start, I apologize for the length of this post!

    So, it has been many years since I last posted on the PE boards if memory serves me correctly. I have been on the PE boards off and on over the past several years (12+, from time to time, reading and trying to stay updated on new trends and such, but quietly for the most part.

    So, why am I here now? Well, I am about to undertake a new era of my decade and a half PE journey and my hope is to share that journey, for informational purposes.

    My first time posting here. I'm a vet at other forums. Allow me to introduce myself.

    My name is Mike. I am a 45 year old suburbanite, middle class, married father of seven kids from Indiana. I am your average guy for the most part. I have, pretty much, average interest/hobbies. I enjoy firearms, family stuff, fishing, camping, weight lifting, grilling and drinking wine!

    I started my interest and/or pursuit of PE in 2003.

    As a young man (teens, early twenties), I was very thin. I was 5’10” and approximately 130lbs. I never really measured my penis, but it was always long and thin. Looking back, I would guess it at 7 -7.5” EL and 4.125” girth. I have always been a stereotypical grower. My flaccid penis has always been much smaller than my erect penis.

    I have never had any issues with my penis size. I always felt like it was a little thin, but never experienced any anxiety in relation to that perception. I have never had any complaints in regard to my size either.

    I started smoking cigarettes very young. I smoked, on average, a pack a day of Marlboro reds from the age of ten. By my early thirties, I had also gained weight to the tune of about 185-200 pounds of body weight. I started to notice, as did my wife, that my penis seemed shorter than before. What had once taken both hands and one of hers to cover was now both hands with a head showing. Most of this was obviously due to my years of smoking, poorer EQ and additional pubic pad fat from weight gain. I decided, now that the computer age was upon us, to start investigating penis enlargement. My wife thought PE was not needed, but supported anything I wanted to do.

    I measured my penis and discovered that it was barely hitting 6” x 4-1/8”. My journey began!

    I was immediately bombarded with all of the normal pills, creams, etc. On the internet searches. The searches, eventually, began to show more realistic, believable articles on something called jelqing, manual stretching, etc. I kept digging and found a product called the Size Genetics extender. This device looked promising! I was, by no means, well to do financially at that time, but a got out a credit card and paid the hefty $375 price tag and ordered the device. I was excited to say the least. I researched jelqing and read every article I could find. I improvised a plan!

    Common sense told me that attacking this new goal should also include supplements that promote healing, increased blood flow, etc. I decided that Enzyte sounded good, L-arginine and a good multi-vitamin fit the bill.

    I started my PE career in 2003, if memory serves. I quickly discovered that the size genetics extender was challenging at best! My penis is very uniform in girth, with very little ridge at the glans. The silicone noose that came with the extender was, at times, excruciating. The noose would slip, cause burning sensations and was mostly just painful! My wearing of the extender was sporadic and inconsistent. I had faith in it working, if I could just modify it somehow to wear comfortably. I started to try to find a new way to attach it. At this point, I found an online forum called Thunder’s Place. I liked it!

    In the meantime, I was perfecting my jelq method and had full confidence in this exercise. I remember, in the early days, standing in the bathroom at my old house, preparing for my second jelq session. I was holding my wife’s toy ( 6” x 5” pink, silicone dildo that she called Pinky) and thinking, ”If I could just be that thick, I’d be happy”!

    Soon, after maybe three months of relatively consistent, very focused jelq sessions, three days per week for 15-20 minutes per session, I started to measure almost 4.5” girth. I was getting bigger! I continued to wear the extender as much as possible (which wasn’t much), take my supplements regularly and maintain my jelq routine. After a few more months or so, I was edging up to the 5” girth mark. My erections were so hard that my wife actually complained that my penis was “much thicker and felt so hard that it was like a dildo”. I also noticed that it was much easier to control my ejaculatory response during sex.

    I kept on with my routine briefly, but eventually decided to take a break. I was consistently measuring 5” in EG and maintained that, even months after discontinuing my routine. I started to work harder at finding a solution to the extender dilemma and I officially joined Thunder’s as 9_in_richard in 2004.

    During my experimenting with PE, I tried many different devices such as pumps, golf weights, hanger’s, magnets, etc. I was a bit lazy and not consistent. I quit PE for a while and pursued other interests. I finally found a fix for my extender. I had renewed interest. I started back my jelq routine and was wearing my extender 9-12 hours per day. I started growing again. Within a couple of months, I was measuring 5.25” girth and edging 7” EL. I cemented those gains and have kept them ever since that time. At one point I actually was hitting 5.4” girth, but was lazy and did not cement that gain.

    Again, I took a lengthy break from PE as I had many other things needing my time such as family, travel for work and weight lifting. I did; however, always watch PE trends, devices, etc. Over the years as a quiet observer.

    Now, ever since my first moment of interest in PE, I have kept an open mind in regard to surgical PE. I have watched and waited, studied and read every new phalloplasty doctor and/or trend that has arose over the years. I have always been disappointed when they all seemed to fall short (no pun intended) within their first year or so of coming on the scene. The risk – vs- reward was just never promising.

    In 2011, I started to really pay attention to PMMA. I spent years watching, reading and researching dermal fillers and their rise in popularity in the industry. This is what brings me here now. I have decided that PMMA is my next journey in PE.

    Let me first start by saying, as with all of my interests over the years, I do not take any undertaking lightly. Before I started using anabolic steroids, I researched for a full two years before every purchasing and/or using anything. Before I started PE, I researched for at least a year before I started a plan in motion. I always weigh the pro’s and con’s and make a decision based on what I am willing to risk personally. This decision is no different.

    My hope here is to share every aspect of my journey for informational purposes. I value honesty and integrity above all things. Any of the vets who have interacted with me here over the years will tell you that. I have to make clear that I am not suggesting PMMA to anyone. I am not a shill for any doctor and/or clinic. I will not even share the name of the doctor who will be performing my procedure.

    I want to document every aspect of this journey from my rental car, flight and airport interactions, food, hotel, interactions with doctor, staff, pre-care, post care, results, wife’s thoughts, reactions, etc. I want to do so in a way that may answer questions for anyone who may be considering the same thing themselves.

    I appreciate, as always, interaction on this thread, opinions, etc., but I do ask, please keep the thread civil, on topic and beneficial to other members. I have invested 5 years of waiting, watching, reading, researching, etc. Before making this decision and at least 13 years in manual PE methods and this community. Please keep that in mind before posting. Constructive criticism is healthy and welcome. Negative, trolling style comments are not.

    I have scheduled the flight, reserved the rental car, taken the appropriate time off from work, paid the retainer for my procedure date. This is happening!

    I would like to document and share every aspect of this journey. After viewing numerous sites, forums, posts, etc. I don’t feel like there are enough detailed threads about the entire process in one single post, so that is my goal.

    I will also take pre-procedure pictures and post procedure pictures. I will not take seamstress tape pictures. For one, I believe that it is one of the reasons that many members have so much frustration with PE. They constantly measure, get anxiety and that is counter-productive to gains. This is even truer in regard to the PMMA procedure. The nature of such is, swelling and PMMA with carrier will show large initial gains. After 6-10 days post-procedure is typically the smallest measurement point when carrier material is absorbed and only PMMA remains. Girth increase begins to come back in as collagen formation starts over the next several weeks/months, so I believe measuring is futile and serves little value until last results are present. Also, my penis seems allergic to “measured” pics. As soon as a tape comes out, my penis retracts like rabid dog from a water bowl!

    Updates may not, of course, be real time as we progress as I am sure that it will be difficult at best to do so. I will try and answer any questions at earliest convenience. I believe above all things, every challenge and journey must be first met with confidence and positive frame of mind. Like bodybuilding, manual PE or any other task, you must believe in it, believe that it will work and be positive!

    I can say, thus far, my interaction with SLE staff has been extraordinary. Their communication has been awesome, they have answered all of my questions, even sent me a video response to answer a few. I am impressed with them thus far. My documenting this experience will span multiple boards. If what I've seen from SLE is any indication of how my experience will go in TJ and my PMMA results, then I'm sure I'm in good hands! I'm scheduled for the 22nd of September. Tickets are bought, retainer is paid, stopped smoking, taking supplements to help healing, & collagen repair, wearing my extender 12 hours a day in prep.....I'm ready!

    Thanks all,


    Starting stats NBPEL 6" x EG 4.125" --> Mar 2008 NBPEL 7" x EG 5.25" Current Stats Dec 2013 (after a long break) 7" NBPEL x 5.5" EG

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    12 days out.......looking forward to this little adventure! So far, I have to say SLE has been outstanding in regard to their communication, prompt replies, including video responses to my many, many questions.....if this is any indication of how my whole visit is going to go......should be awesome!

    Time will tell and I will document everything impartially, good, bad or ugly!


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      One week until the procedure.......Ready, ready, ready!


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        Can not wait to see your result ..good luck my friend.


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          Thanks man.....yeah, me neither. I'm 5.25" EG now.....REALLY hoping for a 6" EG post procedure.....We shall see! I'll post pre and post pics after I get home from TJ!


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            Interestly, I have already found that scheduling this procedure has already produced more positives than I can believe.

            I have found extreme motivation. I used to lift weights, take supplements, etc years ago.....I've been lazy for a long time. Since I made the decision to finally schedule a procedure, I've quit smoking (after almost 36 years),I'm on day 15 with no cigarettes in preparation for better recovery, healing and blood flow.
            I've started lifting weights and working out again to get my abs out, waistline smaller, which is going great!

            I'm taking supplements again for increased bloodflow, collagen formation, etc. and I've trimmed my diet down for better metabolism.

            So, just scheduling this has brought me motivation that I didn't think I'd ever find again.....and trust me, people are noticing! Loving it!


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              4 days out..... surreal.


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                2 days out....SLE's driver contacted me again today to verify my travel itenerary and verify my plans for lodging and transport. I've got to say, top notch communication thus far...hope this is an indicator of things to come!

                Bags are packed, passport card made it back to me in 8 days after renewal....ready to go!

                So far, looks like flight out to San Francisco morning of 22nd, quick jump to Diego by 12 noon, driver transport to the Grand for check in, procedure afternoon of 22nd, spend the night at the grand, check up morning of 23rd, spend the day/night downtown San Diego night of 23rd, fly home morning of the 24th.......only thing I screwed up thus far is my return flight leaves from SoCal at 6am on the 24th....BLAH!

                Big question.....where to have dinner in downtown Diego the 23rd? Hmmmmm


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                  Any update my friend?


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                    Just got home. I will type up an update in the next couple of days.....interesting trip!


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                      Yes.yes...i will be checking


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                        So, as promised, I will share some of my experiences from my recent trip to get PMMA enhancement. I want to say, up front, that I cannot really comment as to the effectiveness of the procedure yet.

                        The Flight/travel

                        My travel to the airport was marked with a bit of trouble, as I passed my exit and was lost briefly. I finally made it and shuttled into the terminal. I had booked the flights thru Expedia a month prior. Cost, round trip was just over $400.

                        My first leg flight was on time, aisle seat for about 3.5 hours to San Francisco and was relatively uneventful. My second leg was about an hour from SF to San Diego, next to a rather unusual couple. The girl spent the first 30 minutes pumping breast milk. The old guy next to her, I’m assuming a relative would squirt the milk on his hand and rub it in. Directly across from me was an Asian couple with two kids. The young boy, maybe 2 years old was wild as a March hare. They ate, some very strong smelling, seafood throughout the flight…..not so pleasant!

                        This was first experience with TSA, as I haven’t flown in over a decade. The security checks weren’t too bad or time consuming. I had to throw out a tube of toothpaste at the Sandiego airport for violating the 3.4 oz liquid rule….ironically it has passed in Indy!

                        TSA staff were friendly and engaging.

                        My flight home was unpleasant for the most part. The child behind me cried, screamed most of the 3.5 hour trip and I was stuck in a center seat.

                        When I touched down, my driver text me for my pickup location. He picked me up and whisked me away to the surgery center.

                        Surgery Center

                        When I arrived at the center, they copied my driver’s license and had me fill out a brief medical questionnaire. There was a little bit of difficulty as I do not speak Spanish and they, only a bit of broken English. We got it accomplished and joked that I had just consented to giving the girl my house!

                        A nurse set an IV for me to help me to relax. My blood pressure was up, which I take Lisinopril for anyway…, to be expected. I had not seen Dan Salas to the point, so I asked for him. Dan had been caught in traffic and eventually arrived.

                        The doctor showed up, introduced himself and asked a few questions about my blood pressure and verified I had not eaten in the past 6 hours. I spoke briefly with Dan about the procedure and after care.

                        I was moved from the prep area to a small OR type setting and made comfortable. I saw the PMMA being loaded into syringes, was given oxygen and re-assured by the doc that I was in good hands. I saw them inject my IV with the anesthesia meds and next thing I know…..I woke up back in the prep room.

                        The Grand Hotel

                        After the procedure Dan and a couple of the staff took me out for drinks/lunch. There was also another Canadian patient who had a procedure there as well. We ate at the Grand Hotel, Dan's treat. The food was absolutely outstanding! Dan helped me check into my room, as he had reserved me a room prior to my visit. The room was clean, comfortable and well worth the modest $85 a night price.

                        The Hotel itself is beautiful, clean and overall just a very nice place. The bar in the lobby area mixes drinks good and strong and they are very friendly.

                        The Sofia Hotel

                        After my checkup on the 23rd, my driver escorted me back across the border to the Sofia hotel. The driver worked in the downtown area most of the time, so he was kind enough to drive me around a bit and show me some hotspots for drinks, food, music, etc. Super nice guy and very helpful!

                        The Sofia was awesome. It is very nice, and although has stood for many decades, it is a perfect blend of historic and trendy. Cost at about $200/ night. Oh, and yes, it’s true… is haunted!


                        I cannot really say if my procedure was a “success” at this point or not. Dan said they got 43cc in and after that I was just pushing material out. Dan said he took seamstress taped pics immediately following the procedure and my base girth measured 6 as opposed to the 5.25 I walked in with. I have texted him to request copies of those pics. When I receive them, I will post my before and afters.

                        The staff instructed me on how to massage my penis 5 times per day to keep the material evenly dispersed. I had a very puffy area under my glans that was a bit sore to the touch that I always had to work on at each massage.

                        I followed their directions closely and throughout the night massaged every 2 hours or so. I opted to stay wrapped in medical wrap and coban as I tend to retract hard and didn’t want the material to get bunched up and cause poor symmetry.

                        I slept on my back, with pillows alongside of me to keep me from rolling. I am NOT a back sleeper, so it was not ideal, but I made it!

                        The morning following the procedure, when I finally awoke, I was shocked! I un-wrapped to massage my penis an it was pencil thin (maybe 3.5” girth ) and immediately retracted. I could barely stretch it to get it wrapped. I was in panic mode.

                        After speaking with staff, they feel that because I supplement for my metabolism and healing so well, unlike may people, and I stayed wrapped, that my swelling dissipated very quickly and I absorbed the carrier material more quickly than normal (within 14 hours).

                        Dan and the doc came to the hotel and looked at my penis. I think, based on his reaction/facial expression, Dan was a bit taken back by my condition as well. The doc seemed calm and assured me that my result was near perfect. It was docs opinion that I was proceding normally and had simply absorbed the carrier very quickly.

                        So, now it is a waiting game……seeing as it takes 2 – 3 months to see full results of collagen formation, I shall post any changes over that time. My penis currently looks nearly identical to pre-procedure after the first four days.

                        I was re-assured many times by Dan that if, for some unseen reason, I do not get any gain from the procedure, he will bring me back down and make it right.

                        Dan & The SLE Staff

                        Anyone who has been involved in the PE world for any amount of time will know who Dan is. Unfortunately, the PE industry has been wracked with poor doctors, broken promises and shill activity for decades.

                        I have read widely differing opinions about many folks, Dan is no exception. Sometimes in the closely guarded PE community, we are our own worst enemy and suspicious of everything and everyone.

                        This was my first interaction with Dan. I am considered a very honest, sincere individual by all who know me. Honesty and integrity are paramount to me. I am also, generally speaking, a good judge of character.

                        I believe that Dan genuinely cares about his clients. I believe that Dan has a big heart and although, in my opinion, probably over worked… a genuine guy.

                        The staff was aware that I was freaked out by how fast I absorbed the carrier. They called me no less than 4 times to discuss my concerns…..can’t ask for more attention than that!

                        Obviously he is financially vested in the business, but why would that be a bad thing to critics? He is providing an excellent service to clientele. Everything was taken care of for me on this trip. Granted communication before arrival was markedly better than whilst I was there, but I was treated very, very well by everyone I came in contact with.

                        Time will tell and I will report exactly, truthfully what result I get, if any. If I am an anomaly and do not see a gain, I will report on all forums how that is handled as well.

                        I have faith, so we shall soon see!


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                          Nice review!

                          I'll be down there at the end of this week for my second round.

                          Your doctor was male? Mine is supposed to be a woman.

                          I think you absorbed the carrier more quickly because you had you unit wrapped. This puts pressure on the filler, squeezing out the carrier and into your body.


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                            Very possible. I have some considerable bruising but symmetry looks good thus hopefully some growth


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                              Did you do the supplement thing? Biotin, Vit C & E etc?

                              Originally posted by 9_in_Richard View Post
                              Very possible. I have some considerable bruising but symmetry looks good thus hopefully some growth


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