Muscle Site PMMA Injections

PMMA Injections Muscle Site Enhancement

BIG D's Muscle Site Enhancement with PMMA Injections Transformation Results.

Surgery LIFE Enhancement’s muscle site augmentation utilizes PMMA injections for men desiring to increase the size and definition of their muscles. Medical grade PMMA injections, or Polymethyl methacrylate injections, have been utilized by professional bodybuilders, amateur weight lifters, and by men interested in filling muscle imperfections & deviations caused by muscular dystrophy, or muscle atrophy—permanently.

Delivered via injection, PMMA is a permanent dermal filler consisting of a 30% concentration of microspheres suspended in a collagen matrix carrier. Once injected, your own body’s systems begin the process neogenesis, or new tissue growth within the injected muscle(s) and the muscle’s surface tissues surrounding the musculoskeletal system. Unlike synthol and other silicone variants, the results accomplished with PMMA feel and appear very natural.

Gaining aesthetic muscle mass is simply not possible with Synthol oil. Although permanent, Synthol oil will always remain in it’s original state and isn’t reticulated with interwoven new tissue growth; dominant to all silicone oils, results form from one mass of tissue growth completely surrounding the injected gel mass, often, leaving a jelly-like result similar to the infamous self-injector, “Popeye,” Kirill Tereshin, who recently underwent a reconstructive surgery removing approximately 2,957 mL of the silicone oil substance.

BIG D’s Muscle Transformation Results

Before SLE Muscle Site Enhancement with PMMA Injections.

Let’s start at the beginning:

When BIG D first came to Surgery LIFE Enhancement, he was very excited about what SLE is able to accomplish in the realm of muscle site augmentation—especially after successfully reaching his permanent 8″ penile girth enhancement goal with SLE. 

Great looking guy, “the full package,” as you would say. Previous to SLE, BIG D was certainly a man’s man, a true Alpha male. Soon to be fully upgraded with SLE male musculature improvements. BIG D traveled thousands of miles from the U.K. to our clinic in Tijuana, Mexico for our expert-level non-surgical injection techniques. BIG D’s primary goal was to increase the size of both his biceps, triceps, deltoid muscles, and forearms bilaterally. 800 mL of medical-grade Linnea Safe® 30% PMMA was skillfully applied to each arm by our team of board certified doctors; practiced in the art of aesthetic bioplasty.

The patient’s muscle augmentation procedure took approximately 3 hours to completion. The muscle enhancement procedure was performed whilst the patient is administered general anesthesia by our certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Anna. BIG D is a genuine Surgery LIFE Enhancement client and the following muscle site augmentation before and after gallery is our unique work, performed at our state-of-the-art Rio Medica surgery center with a fully staffed SLE team of board certified medical doctors in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico.

Before & After SLE Muscle Site Enhancement

Surgery LIFE Enhancement’s BIG D’s muscle site enhancement gallery includes before and after images of the patient’s muscle building transformation procedure through a series of PMMA injections that increased the mass and definition of his muscles. The patient averaged approximately 14 inch unflexed biceps previous to SLE muscle site augmentation. Immediately after the PMMA injections are applied, the patient averaged 16 inch unflexed mid-biceps. Additionally, the doctor applies PMMA to the patient’s deltoid muscles, triceps, and forearm muscle groups to maintain overall aesthetics.

In the final stage, compression bandages are applied around the injected muscle groups to aid the patient’s muscles in healing and to avoid any unnecessary swelling post-op that may displace the expertly injected biocompatible tissue activator—PMMA. After the augmented muscle site(s) enhancement procedure is complete, the patient’s results continue to grow for 4 to 6 months post-procedure. BIG D’s final muscular results are nothing short of amazing!

SLE All-Inclusive Muscle Site Enhancement Medical Tourism

SLE Medical Tourism with BIG D Muscle Site Enhancement Patient.

At SLE, our views on medical tourism provides each and every patient with a new level of personal care before, during, and after all our contemporary male improvement procedures. We are truly astounded and honored by how many men have traveled from distant countries to receive our all inclusive specialized male enhancement treatments—Thanks To All!

SLE is with you from the very beginning of your self-improvement experience. Our counselors are available to answer any questions you have, walk you through procedures, and offer real time support to help you achieve optimal results. Optionally, you are appointed a personal driver to assist you with all your travel needs from San Diego (SAN) or Tijuana International Airport (TIJ). Included, SLE provides all travel to and from your hotel and our medical facility—Complimentary.

All Surgery LIFE Enhancement procedures are preformed by our expert-level, board certified physicians, doctors, and medical professionals. Likewise, Dan Salas, with over 20+ years of personal care experience directly in the plastic surgery field, provides each patient with personalized one-on-one attention. At SLE we believe the key 🔑 to your success is the support we provide and the individualized attention given to each of our patient’s goals.

SLE Defining Male Enhancement

SLE Defining Male Enhancement.


Surgery LIFE Enhancement provides the finest non-surgical procedures for men, including muscle site injections like BIG D’s. SLE is defining new levels of possibilities for men seeking male enhancement. SLE offers men the full package, leading surgical & non surgical penile enlargement techniques, unrivaled PMMA muscle site injections, and world class board certified medical doctors, staff & facilities. At Surgery LIFE Enhancement we’ve provided men first class service and results—For Decades.

Big D’s Surgery LIFE Enhancement experience was finely tailored to his expectations, and SLE delivered. Big D and his GF are now happier than ever with his new size & muscle site enhancement results. His muscles are not the only thing that grew… That’s right, Big D’s self-esteem also grew & SLE is honored to have provided him with these LARGER-THAN-LIFE male improvements!

SLE muscle site enhancement isn’t limited to men’s arms and shoulders. Most major muscle groups are available for augmentation. Popular muscle groups enhanced include: quads, calves, traps, lats, and several minor muscle groups. Furthermore, many muscle deviations, atrophies, and imperfections are repairable with PMMA muscle site injections.

ALPHA MALE Transformation Complete

Patient's Results One Year After SLE Muscle Site Enhancement PMMA Injections Alpha Package.
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