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Sceduled for 60cc's in Jan!

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    Awesome. Pics are always helpful


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      Originally posted by Atlbill View Post
      Well, I've booked my room in TJ and flight down to San Diago on the 22nd of this month! Can't wait to get down there and leave a bigger better man!

      I will try and grab a bunch of before and after pics and post them when I'm done.
      Looking forward to your progress, Good Luck!


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        Hey man take some pics for us pre and post op


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          Just got back from TJ.

          Ended up getting 72 CCs with no real swelling. I am a bit sore, but I am working on aftercare at the moment.

          I don't have any pics of myself erect post-procedure but I was:

          6 inches bone pressed
          5.25 erect girth
          4.6 flaccid girth

          Post-procedure I am:
          5.9 mid-shaft and mostly flaccid
          5.6 upper shaft mostly flaccid
          And basically, 4-5 inches flaccid which is very nice!

          I'm a bit too sore to do anything to get myself fully hard and was advised not to by SEL.

          I'll try and post some more pics after a few weeks.


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            Wow brother way way thicker and it looks absolutely awesome! I'm impressed with the aesthetics of adding that much girth and keeping your natural shape and look! Absolute masters. Thank you for the post and fresh pictures, very informative.


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              Very nice pro .. it’s my time go for Round 3 ..


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                Four or five days post-procedure and I finally have some mostly hard pics. I think I am still a bit swollen so these numbers will probably go down some but at about 80% hardness (can't do anything too crazy to get myself to 100%) I'm around:

                6.25 upper mid-shaft
                6.5 mid-shaft and,
                7 at the base.

                Measuring this thing is WORK!

                2021-02-26 14.05.00.jpg2021-02-26 14.05.19.jpg2021-02-26 14.05.54.jpg


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                  Outstanding sir! Thank you for the multiple measurements. Base, mid, and upper measured shows the aesthetics of the application.

                  How's everything feeling? Bruising and swelling look very minimal for a few days out from all the pictures I've seen... Keep up the good work!


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                    Still a bit sore, but I have been back at work all this week and it hasn't caused me any problems. None of my condoms fit anymore (could use some recommendations on that front) and I might have to toss one of my favorite pair of jeans, but those are good problems to have. The longer flaccid hang is really nice and I still can't get over how my flaccid girth is 3/4 of an inch larger than I used to be fully hard! I really want to take it for a spin but unfortunately still have about four more weeks to go...


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