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  • My Surgery Life Enhancement Journey

    About 10 months ago, I began my SLE Journey, and let me tell you, it's been a great one...I had a choice 10 months ago, buy a BMW Z3 or get a new dick..and I don't give a shit if you offered me an Aston Martin with a blonde bombshell inside, my new dick is worth 10 Aston Martins, cuz girls will fuck you with a big dick if you ride a bike, they will only fuck you if you have a small dick because you drive an Aston Martin...think of the lifetime savings, just dick them down, then get on your skateboard, bike, horse drawn wagon, whateverthefuck gets you home or to the next pussy.

    I'm going break this into three stages, in reverse, how my life is now, how the procedures were and how my life was before SLE, I'm a 50 year old guy that lives on the West Coast.

    After SLE PMMA Injections I am 7+ inches of erect girth photo!
    seven inches erect girth plus after Surgery Life Enhancement PMMA Injections.

    Well, I"m sitting at a coffee shop trying to type this post but it's freezing...the girls keep coming in to wipe down tables, and when I ask for coffee I get the best damn service ever...why? Because I have a THICK COCK!! How do they know it? Well..I wear Yoga pants now, and since I'm going back to SLE for another procedure, I still tie up the base and extend the shaft so it looks nice in Yoga pants, and it's not false advertising because when I get hard, its' about 7 and 3/4 to 8 inches in girth and I never realized how important it is that girth is more valued by girls over length. Girls love Girth...because they always come around to look at my Junk. Sometimes, when I jog around the park, they casually pretend to be filming the ducks, but they have their cameras pointed right at my dick ​ A friend of mine, said something very interesting, he said, "'re going to cause a lot of couples to fight" and it happens,..guys stare at their girls the way girls stare at guys when a hot chick is around, like I dare you to look at his dick..90% of them, do anyway, girls are even hornier than guys I've learned to believe.. Even flaccid, I'm 7 inches thick...but alot of that has to do with post procedure, I started taking collagen immediately after my first procedure in August and I haven't stopped taking it since..about 2 to 3 scoops a day, and after my next procedure, I"m going to start adding pills. The pictures below are me in my Yoga pants at a "wake" and before I left an apartment I have at the University where I stay and fuck my 19 year old girlfriend...(which took me two solid nights to comfortably fit my junk in after using two small bottles of KY Jelly, I still have to put on KY because at the base, it gets raw from her tightness....and also, I have to get used to being this thick.

    My flaccid penis bulge showing through my yoga pants at a funeral photo.
    Flaccid penis bulge at a funeral

    First of all...1) It's harder to get hard when you go from being thin to thick so if you have to get used to the girth, and then get control of it, after 10 months, I feel about 70% in control but it was harder to get hard, but now, when I get hard, it's fucking HUGE...even when a girl is rubbing it, I'm like "is this me"..and when I put it in, I often put it in way too fast, making girls cringe so much that I imagine their "O Face" when I speak with girls regularly...that's fucking confidence man ​ 2) Girls expect you to fuck them when you have a big dick, and they expect that you fuck other can drop the good guy're like a Fuckboy especially when you wear Yoga pants and have long hair like I if you like being seen as a fuckboy, then this is good...I even mindfuck girls worse than that, cuz i live in a cool city, dress cool with converse and yoga pants, and T-shirt with long dreads, and then..ready for this ...a crucifix around my neck. Which I think makes girls crazy..they probably think I'm a reformed male stripper, or porn star, or bible thumping Yoga instructor. 3) Man...women treat you sooooooooooo much better when you have big junk. Registers get opened for me at super markets, I get my coffee brought to me all the time, girls in stores walk to where I need to go, and when I go to customer service I can get a refund with or without a receipt, and any other benefit women can give me. ..what's strange is though, chicks always try to get my attention, and they don't preen around me, because they assume I won't give them validation (cuz I get too much pussy), so they try to get close to me, hoping I'll strike up a conversation, and I know what they want me to say " Let's go somepace and fuck"..cuz honestly, that's what they really want...they can save the lovey dovey stuff for a boyfriend...but what's also funny, I see girls look really pissed, either because it reminds them that they don't get that at home, or that they wish they had it..and Lesbians stare like crazy and like straight couples it can cause a fight, and some girls start caressing their boyfriends while they boyfriend looks like he want so woosh her ass out of the store so she can stop staring..but I'm always cool about it.

    Anyway, life has been amazing, and I'm sad and happy that I waited 48 years to make the move. I probably wouldn't have felt as pressured to rake in mad accomplishments, I would've probably gotten more girls pregnant or most likely had a couple of venereal diseases,...cuz it would've been much easier...however, since I've gotten it this late, I take really good care of my junk, I present it nicely daily and to be honest, it has helped all other parts of my life. I teach Philosophy in college, so I can say "amor fati" love the past, but I'm also an existentialist which means "create your future, your way" and both of these are valuable when deciding about girth enhancement..but honestly, even with 8 inches, I'm going for 9 inches (think Coke Can) cuz I just love having a thick dick that makes girls cringe...I'm inspired by Coke Can Dan (more on that in the next section) but also, there has been another side effect which I didn't expect. I'M NOT DESPERATE TO FUCK GIRLS - I'M MUCH MORE SELECTIVE..It's like having a 20k're like..??? I am not putting $20,000 into that fucking BioHazard ​ so you're much more selective..I only want to fuck girls 18-22, and they have be cute, and no drama, and a ton of shut the fuck up..cuz I like to watch sports and read philosophy and do shit quietly..and when have a thick dick, you can do that..where as if you have a small dick, better have a luxurious house and a big bank account, ..a big dick??? just have her wait..if she knows she's getting the log splitter..she'll shut the fuck up until you say it's time..but remember this last responsibility about having a big dick...KNOW HOW TO USE IT! yes..become a fuck master. ...BTW, I'm about a good 18 months from that because I'm going back for more girth, and then I have to adjust to the size, .and then get back into the game. I"'m fucking my 19 yrl old girl pretty regularly, and to be honest, it's helping me get more control over my junk...but like tonight and tomorrow, I"m going to work on fucking longer, but with girth, I think she cums alot faster...and sometimes, Ill be done and she'll be lying in bed with her legs shaking...that's another thing.."KNOW YOUR EFFECT ON PUSSY - and that's still a mystery to me, but I'm going to "work my way through it

    The most important thing about doing this is DO IT! You won't regret it, but you have to TAKE CARE OF YOUR JUNK AND LISTEN TO SLE ABOUT POST PROCEDURAL CARE....If you bought a BMW, would you drive it without oil and water over the Sahara desert???

    But yes, I love having a thick dick, and I show it every day, because I paid for it, and I told my sisters who first ridiculed my clothing, that girls wear Yoga pants every day torturing many poor male souls,...they're now getting a taste of their own medicine. ..they can see what they won't be getting or they can work for it...either way, its about my own journey, but having a thick cock has been enjoyable...also,..I noticed no matter how bad you treat women, they don't get as angry at you for just about get way with murder

    Okay,, lets' talk about the procedure.


    I'm former military (82nd Airborne Division / XVIII Airborne Corps) and I'm a former Olympic Boxer (10 years), and I worked in Nightclubs and now I work in Cannabis,...this is important information because what it means, I'm accustomed to working with MEN. It's not that I don't like working with women, but I enjoy working with Men ,...but not just any men..for example, I won't work with most Men in a University setting because they're a bunch of pussies (beta males) that pontificate about how life 'Should Be' and how everyone should love one another, and how the world is a disaster because of competition and capitalism, and why their manginas' won't get them laid?? ..when in reality, they just need to get a pair and compete and when they see a woman, they need to let them know, I want to fuck you,..instead, it's like "will you fuck me?"...pussies..the entire lot of them. This is another advantage of a thick's manly. I've always been manly, so it's the natural thing to go thick.

    Well, starting with JJ, he was always a straight shooter, telling me like it is,..I never felt cajoled or manipulated, and he would speak from did Dan Salas (Coke Can Dan) who literally is as thick as a coke can see Dan in the videos,..and true to the videos, he is there when you have your procedure. You see him in the room before you count backwards and wake up with a big dick. JJ made me feel comfortable, and guys, it wasn't like I thought about doing this and then did it?...I've been thinking of doing this for 5 years,'s just man...there is SO MUCH FUCKING SNAKE OIL...and CHARLATANS in this business. It's like being in the Infantry in the U.S. Army...unless you've walked in the shoes of your Men, don't even think about asking them to dig a foxhole or carry 110lbs for 25 miles unless you've done it yourself. ..and I couldn't find that until I met JJ and Dan. JJ had stories of how he felt which is even worse than I had it (next section) but you could tell he wasn't bullshtting from the start. And Dan was the same way, he speaks from experience and he's done the procedure many times, these guys know why you want to go from small to big and how it can benefit you, but including with me, it's incredibly hard to verbalize it clearly because it's a different reason for everyone but still the same also. We want to live our best lives, and being able to make a girl say "you've got a big dick" is certainly up there with "hey, can we watch UFC tonight?" as far as things you'd love to hear them say.

    My Driver was amazing, he got me everywhere both times, Dans' assistant was very helpful, informative, available and they really have all the connections you need in Tijuana to make your stay easy and convenient, Dan and JJ make me feel like I"m part of a group of cool guys...I liked working with them, it's no nonsense, and they're a class act. When you have a problem, they own it. They take your calls because along the journey, (it's easy to forget now that I love my dick) you have some WTF? moments, and you need to be talked down from panicking...and I"ve gotten so good at it, as a favor, I helped talk another dude down from San Francisco on an issue that I myself had because alot of the issues you'll have is just your body getting used to the PMMA and it just seems scary because it's your one and only dick. ( I got up to get a water at the coffee shop, and these 2 girls let me cut in front of them, I've gotten used to the big dick privileges) but irregardless, you can't expect things to be perfect. However, you have to do EVERYTHING YOU CAN" to get the PMMA to grow and take hold in your dick by 1) not jacking off 2) DEFINITELY do not use it for 8 weeks (fucking) 3) take good care of it, take collagen, put lotion on it, and drink lots of water, and keep your bandages clean and changed. Listen to JJ and Dan ,and most of all...DO NOT PANIC.

    The procedure is professional, both times, they check your vitals, take a vial of blood, then they take you into a room for the procedure, and it's over pretty quickly. I'm getting ready to go for a 3rd time visit because I want the 9 inch girth...and I'm expecting even better things because I haven't had a chance to visit the new clinic and I know I can get to 9 inches because of my confidence in one area - POST PROCEDURAL CARE. ...not to be cocky (pun intended) but it's important to follow the process, take your collagen daily, don't stress, drink alot of water, absolutely 0.00 lower body workouts ( I still don't) and check on your junk daily, Dan said something very important in Mexico _"Think Positive " you have to remember, both Dan and JJ have walked the journey from little dick to big dick so they know what to do..just follow the trail and use your own judgement to take care of your enlargement.

    Before my SLE PMMA injections flaccid stretch and flaccid penis photo.
    flaccid penis before Surgery Life Enhancement girth enlargement with pmma.

    Man..I was Joe Public. I can't say I was unhappy with my dick size, but it certainly isn't the " shut the fuck up" dick size that I have now with girls...and I have a successful business and a fit body "because of me" "and I don't feel the need to buy another Jaguar or a bigger place just so I can appear more successful to women or anyone. However, before girth filling, I had the same insecurities as most men, has she fucked bigger dicks (I'm sure they all had) or is my dick big enough? or am I fucking her right? ...I would try much harder to get girls to like me, or start conversations with them, and get their attention. I was a regular guy with regular guy issues. ..and yes, I would buy a BMW Z3 or a large condo on the strip for girls, or to appear more successful to my question is..can she take my girth? I was unhappy deep down, because I knew that there was enlargement out there, but I couldn't find anyone I could trust, until two things happened, 1) I saw Dan's Video 2) I spoke to JJ 3) Dan sent me a video, saying, hey dude, I'm here when you get here....these guys are a class act, they're there with you every step of the way, and this is the hardest part of this testimonial for one good reason - "it seems so fucking long ago even though it was 99% of my life until got "GIRTH".

    I do remember, the insecurities but I don't really think about them any longer. I feel so comfortable with my dick some guys may be longer, but very few are thicker, and with girls, its about thickness it seems and length but as long as you can hit that spot 5.5 inche plus, it's good enough..and I've noticed, my girl loves sucking my dick because it fills her mouth entirely. girl said she couldn't move her tongue around because of the fullness..and I felt like me..I remember before my PMMA girls could suck my dick like a tootsie roll pop and they sometimes seemed to do it a little too easily

    All Men, want a big dick...and I was no different, but I made millions, bought hotels, owned businesses, got into nightclubs, until I finally grabbed my balls (literally and figuratively) and simply paid for a bigger dick. I'm glad I can't remember too much the way I was, ..cuz now, it doesn't fucking matter

    Okay...I'll update this after 6 months which is really how long I think the PMMA grows in your dick if you watch it and nurture it properly....wish me luck on my journey to 9 inches. I hope you enjoyed my penis growth pictures...I'm now 6 inches long by almost 8 inches thick. ..thicker than a soy sauce bottle (dick pics for girls are better if you can put it over something

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    No pics attached


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      Wow Ferrealdo thank you so much for sharing your SLE pmma injections experience with us. It's amazing what can be accomplished non-surgically nowadays! Before and after pictures are so important and really show off the clinic's true work. You don't see the 3 images above JJA2018? The images are embedded in Ferrealdo's post above and are very impressive to say the least! Congratulations sir on your 6 by 8 that's one massive tool and does not look disproportionate. 8 inches of girth must be hella-fun, but 9 inches girth? Where's my Guinness book of world records? I want to look you up . Good luck on the rest of your journey!


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        Wow, pink pants at a funeral? Pink Pants with a huge dick bulge at a funeral? Epic!!!

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        Interested in male enhancement ever since I discovered what an increase in penis size can do for my self-esteem! Not sure if going the penis enlargement surgery route, or the PMMA non-surgical girth routine followed by phalloplasty lengthening.


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          Stellar results brother!


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            Hi Ferrealdo,

            Any updates? did you go in for another round


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              Originally posted by JJA2018 View Post
              No pics attached
              Still there, I count 2 and a side by side before pmma measurement. So 3 images total. Are you able to view above? I say no more rounds, Ferrealdo needs a oversized wide overload regulatory permit as is. I'd guess 2.5", 2.75", maybe 3" wide. What say ye? Be Careful, there be bones in them women pelvises.

              Rookie Rod & Chicken Lights - Oversized Load


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