Is Surgery Men’s Best Option?

Many of our potential clients are ambivalent about existing penis augmentation options. Often, men are not sure if surgery is the right option for them. Penis enlargement surgery is a decision, which should be, considered most seriously & carefully, as there are several different surgical & non-surgical penis augmentation and male enhancement options available for men.

Thoroughly research penis augmentation surgery risks and potential negative outcomes. Risks associated with any penis medical procedure can be serious and permanent.

Surgery LIFE Enhancement (SLE) is dedicated to providing accurate educational information along with elite services to assist you in deciding if penis enlargement surgery is right for you.

SLE Penis Augmentation Resources: is a dynamic, engaging, educational, and instructional website that details penis enlargement techniques and unique penis enlargement products in-depth.

SLE penis augmentation surgery resources and educational materials are meticulously explained through surgical and nonsurgical PE educational articles and male enhancement videos—all in which deliver honest, accurate & relevant penis enlargement education for all men!

Our in-depth medical penis enlargement information is free and convenient—private consultations with one of our SLE professionals can be accessed either through our website Contact Form or just a phone call away.

Surgical & Non-Surgical Augmentation Srvcs:

Non-Surgical Penis Augmentation:
  • Erect PMMA Girth Enhancement
  • Glans Augmenation with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Injections
  • Phtsiotherapy: Penile Traction & Penis Weight Devices
  • PGE1 Chemical PE Injections: Length Surgery Post-Op Training
  • Phallocare VIP Services: Assist men with travel arrangements, Hotel Accommodations, and Personal Security.
Surgical Penis Augmentation:
  • Phalloplasty Penile Graft Widening with DFG or Donor Tissue.
  • Phalloplasty Erect Penile Lengthening Under Traction.

Does Size Matter to Men? Enough to Risk Negative Surgical Outcomes?

Does Penis Size Matter Enough to Risk Surgery?Most men want to be proud of their penis size and many are—but most, truly, are not. This may seem a trivial concern too many people but feeling inadequately endowed is of major concern to most men.

Most men wish “To be the most they can be” and feel confident their manhood is desirable and can provide pleasurable satisfaction to their “significant other.” Some men have experienced embarrassment and humiliation due to their small penis size.

Some marriage proposals have even, been denied for this reason. Our professionals at SLE understand men’s feelings of inadequacy, anxiety & even the painful disappointment of losing a love interest because: “It didn’t measure up.”

After careful consideration of their options, many professionals here at SLE chose to have penis augmentations surgery personally for those very same reasons. Our professionals are here to assist you in a discrete, confidential, and considerate manner.

We realize that discussion about penis size is a difficult one. SLE counselors are sensitive to men’s desire for a bigger penis and treat all of our prospective clients with respect and dignity.

Distinct from other phalloplasty clinics, Surgery LIFE Enhancement counselors have all undergone penis enlargement surgery and nonsurgical injectable procedures—we truly understand your desire to achieve a larger penis.

Often, penis size is a core factor in a man’s self-confidence and esteem. Whatever the circumstances are that brought you here, we are here for you. Surgery LIFE Enhancement provides you our complete support with respect, discretion, and understanding as you consider your penis augmentation surgery experience.

The SLE Difference: Surgical Augmentation Credibility & Experience

Surgery LIFE Enhancement’s Phallocare penis enlargement clinic was founded over 20 years ago in 1996. Since our commencement, we have performed over 5,000 penis augmentation procedures and pioneered many of the leading innovations utilized in current surgical and non-surgical penis
enlargement techniques known today.

Our state-of-the-art penis enlargement surgical techniques have been refined and perfected to precision. If you want to add inches to your penis size, contact us for a confidential consultation and learn more about all your surgical and non-surgical augmentation options including natural pe, penile enhancement surgery and our most popular procedure, PMMA girth injections.

If you are experiencing dissatisfaction with your penis size, your situation is not hopeless!

Options exist which can increase the size of your penis.

Penis Enlargement Options Available for Men

Here at SLE, we believe options fall into three categories of results: Fantasy, Temporary, and Permanent. You may have tried several of these options already with varying results. Some results may be satisfying your desire to achieve a larger penis others may be just plain disappointing and a waste of time.

To date, male enhancement pills, creams, and other concoctions, which claim to be effective at providing really significant gains in both penis girth and length, are pure fantasy, a scam, and not cost effective. If, and that’s a BIG if, these products had any real efficacy, health care professionals would recommend them, in general, they are not recommended because there is no quantitative data suggesting they really work as advertised.

Options such as penis weights, pumps, and penis “stretching” exercises like Jelqing are typically reported effective in creating gains in both length and girth with varying results. Gains are typically reported as temporary, but there are many unofficial reports where men claim gaining permanent size from these manual pe methods.

Natural & mechanical penis enlargement techniques require a regular training regimen to achieve significant results and the routine must be continuously maintained for lasting results. In other words, if men stop their pe routine the gains will diminish. Another reported deficiency is not every man sees the results desired from natural pe training.

Penis Augmentation Options Chart

SLE is Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Medical Care

All SLE Surgical and non-surgical male enhancement procedures are performed at Rio Medica surgery center, formerly Terra Nova Med. Rio Medica is a modernized surgery center with an exceptional, well-trained medical staff ready to support the entirety of Surgery LIFE Enhancement’s plastic surgery catalog.

Rio Medica, formerly Terra Nova Med (2017 – 2020) ⚕️ Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico

Surgery LIFE Enhancement, Tijuana Mexico (Zona Urbana), medical procedures are all performed at this surgical setting regardless if the enhancement is categorized as surgical, or non-surgical. Río Médica surgery center is fully accredited and the contemporary facilities provide a first-class surgical experience for all SLE patients.

Patients have the option to stay the night at the hospital after their plastic surgery procedure for $180 per night. Staying the night at Rio Medica surgery center includes round-the-clock nursing care; a real asset for enhanced recovery after a patient’s surgical, or non-surgical SLE augmentation treatment. Additionally, a hyperbaric chamber is available on-site for elevated healing. Post-op hyperbaric treatment costs $100 per hour.

Any surgical augmentation procedure involves inherent risks!

However, SLE’s experience and training along with modern facilities and a commitment to provide the best possible results that significantly reduces the chance of a poor surgical outcome. Penoplasty is performed by experienced, licensed, medical professionals at our state of the art Terra Nova Surgical Center, specially equipped with current and custom medical technologies specific to genital enlargement procedures.

Do NOT hesitate to contact us with your questions! There is no such thing as a stupid question—only stupid answers!

We are here to assist you on your journey to a bigger more satisfying penis! Our staff is sensitive to your concerns and can relate to feelings of anxiety about having surgery; counselors here at SLE chose to undergo male augmentation surgery for themselves. We understand.

Surgery LIFE Enhancement is Experience You Can Trust!

From 1996 to 2020, SLE performed approximately 200 surgical & non-surgical penis augmentation procedures per year.

Over 5,000 procedures done in the past 20 years!

Our Urological surgeon, Dr. Colorado has over 25 years experience specializing in Urology and Andrology. Dr. C possesses the medical and surgical experience, expertise, and precision to conduct a safe procedure delivering unsurpassed results in length and girth.

Penis Augmentation Common Concerns & FAQ:

What are our penis enlargement surgery costs?

A consultation is the best method for receiving the answers to your questions. All rates are dependent on the procedures and service options selected. Please contact Surgery LIFE Enhancement for a complete, confidential consultations and quotes. Attention to all of your questions is provided in a professional and timely manner.

Do you charge for an office visit or consultation before the procedure?

There is no charge for an in-person or phone consultation.

How long do the penis augmentation procedures take?

Procedures are typically outpatient visits (Day-surgery). Duration of procedures is dependent on augmentation procedures performed & which enlargement options are chosen. Generally, PMMA girth enhancement takes 1.5 to 2 hours to completion & penoplasty lengthening surgeries approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.

What are the post-procedures recuperation rates?

Dependent on the procedure performed and if any unexpected complications develop. Typically, expect 4 weeks recuperation time for nonsurgical PMMA girth procedures & 4 to 6 weeks healing time for surgical erect lengthening.

Can I return home the same day?

Men are advised to arrive the night previous to their scheduled procedure as this gives them ample time to get checked in to their hotel and get cleaned up after their flights. Typically, men are cleared to return home 1 day after our non-surgical PMMA girth augmentations and 2 days following penis lengthening surgery.

What are the expected side effects?

Most commonly, you will experience swelling and discomfort for a short period of time. For surgical penis enlargement, care should be taken to keep all post-surgical regions and dressings clean, dry, and intact to avoid unnecessary risks of infection or wound dehiscence.

Do you offer any type of payment plan?

SLE offers many flexible payment options for scheduling procedures. However, we do not offer any types of in-house credit financing plans for our augmentation procedures. All penis augmentation costs are required before men’s expected scheduled procedure. Many of the cosmetic surgery financing companies do not offer consumers lower interest rates or any other benefits when compared to personal credit cards and loans.