Does Cannabis affect Penis Size?

Sounds like a “No Brainer.” Seems obvious this is NOT possible 👌 Afterall, how often have you heard of someone’s body structure being altered due to smoking weed or eating something baked up with THC (the active ingredient in Marijuana)? Probably never! Over the years we’ve heard this question time after time from men all over the world and we have to responsibly ask, “does smoking marijuana affect penis size?” The answers we found might surprise you!

Although marijuana is categorized as a psychotropic drug because it works on the brain and is considered puıɯ-ɓuıɹǝʇlɐ (the ability to change a person’s state of mental perception), the physical correlations between smoking marijuana and the impacts to penis size and function may not even be consciously realized by most men.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, “cannabis may actually have peripheral antagonizing effects on erectile function by stimulating specific receptors in the cavernous tissue,” this study claims. Of course, these claims were mostly derived from mice penises! Brings puıɯ to the old phrase, “hung like a mouse.”  Hung like a mouse, not at SLE!

Smoking Weed & Sexual Performance

Medical studies examining the effects of cannabis and THC on sexual performance are often contradictory and conflicting. Either way, relax, SLE has your penis enlargement covered, but yet, like most guys, we wonder does smoking weed have an effect on libido and sexual performance? Some studies claim yes, but in a good way!

The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs released the following study way back in 1982, Cannabis and Sex: Multifaceted Paradoxes, and found that “expectation of what marijuana does to change libidinal drives, sexual performance and gratification is a significant component of the sex-pot interaction.” The sex study goes on to say, “set and suggestibility probably explain a good part of the paradox.” Brings mind to the photo right above ☝!

Chronic Marijuana Use. Not the Strain, the Habit.

It is important to make mention of the differentiation between occasional smokers and chronic tokers. Too much of anything can lead to health issues—Even too much of a good thing can lead to medical complications and cannabis is no exception to this rule! Chronic marijuana use has been proven to lower sperm count.

The study, Effects of Regular Marijuana Use on Sexual Performance concluded, “although current folklore indicates that marijuana is a sexual stimulant, there is at least some evidence that this may not be a universally achieved event.” Dazed and Confused now? Don’t feel bad, so were we!

Reefer Madness! Why all the Hype & Contradictions?

Medicinal marijuana’s strong and immediate effects might frighten some men who are not used to smoking the Chronic… The strain, not the habit—at least the first few times they try it. It’s safe to say, as with most things in life, use caution, common sense & start slow! You’re going to be O.K. but why all the hype? Why so many critics? Three words, Special Interest Groups.

During marijuana prohibition, special interest groups promoted anti-marijuana propaganda through scare tactics and false information to keep people from trying marijuana. Released in 1936, the film “Reefer Madness,” directed by Louis Gasnier, is a prime example of how misinformation is disseminated by special interest groups to influence the minds of the public and promote their particular financial social agendas at the expense of men’s liberty and morality.

The following film is a cautionary tale, which features a fictional and highly exaggerated warning about the negative effects of smoking marijuana. Viewers of the film are lead to believe marijuana is a drug of violence and causes the development of incurable insanity.

This is, of course, ridiculous, inaccurate and deceptive propaganda. Marijuana is not considered completely harmless but the medicinal benefits from its’ use are proving to be far greater than the risks.

The scientific and medical community continue to be conflicted on the subject. Select studies claim habitually smoking cannabis affects penis size and function, yet contradictory, other studies conflict these findings and prove that small amounts of marijuana use may even have aphrodisiac properties.