What is male enhancement?

Male enhancement usually refers to penis enlargement. An attempt to improve upon self-confidence and various physical attributes of the male anatomy. Permanent surgical and non-surgical techniques are known as Phalloplasty or Penoplasty.

Male enhancement methods range from permanent surgical penis augmentations (penile lengthening, dermal grafting tissue, etc.) and non-surgical procedures (implants, PMMA girth injections, etc.) to a whole host of semi-permanent remedies including supplements (creams, pills, lotions, and natural and herbal remedies), devices (pumps, extenders, and hanger and weights), and exercises programs (stretching, Jelqing, and Kegels).

Results vary from person to person and from method to method utilized. Expected maximum results from any of theses methods range from a half an inch (common) to a three-inches (rare) increase in length and up to a three-inch maximum gain in circumference.

If your expectations are for greater increases than this, you will be disappointed. Men want to look their best too! Male enhancement cosmetic procedures performed in 2015 totaled 1.2 million. A 325% increase since 1997 statistics provided by American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or ASAPS.

What is natural male enhancement?

Male Enhancement Results Vary A sub-category of male enhancement “natural” refers to enhancement endeavors, which are noninvasive and considered low risk such as, penis stretching, penis exercises, particular supplements, mechanical devices and lifestyle changes.
Natural male enhancement is a semi-permanent, inexpensive, simple, & non-invasive alternative to more complicated surgical and nonsurgical male enhancement methods.

Maximum results realized can be almost equivalent to the more permanent methods. Gains will vary person to person & depend on which methods are utilized. Gains realized will fade over time when training or regimen discontinued.

Is male enhancement Safe?

Male Enhancement Safety FirstYes, male enhancement can be safe! If legitimately licensed, qualified, and experienced medical professionals perform medical procedures, male enhancement is low-risk and low-cost and considered safe.

In addition, if all instructions, proper safety precautions, and procedures are followed before, during, and after all workouts or procedures, complications and injuries can be avoided.
NOTE: Use caution and carefully consider all of the benefits and possible side-effects/risks associated with each method of male enhancement before committing to one or more of its methods.

Male enhancement plastic surgery HORRORS

We have all heard a horror story or two about male enhancement procedures/practices gone wrong! Moreover, if you have not heard any of these tragic stories, Surgery LIFE Enhancement bets you can imagine what it would feel like if a “procedure gone bad” actually happened to you!

Many of these tragic stories are not true, but of course, some are. Although it is probably NOT, what you think!

Penis Enlargement Surgery Horror StoriesUnsuccessful and often tragic surgical procedures are not common. Surgical and nonsurgical procedures performed in appropriate settings by trained, experienced and licensed medical professionals show a small percentage of unpleasant or undesired complications.
Botched” surgical attempts at male enhancement are most often performed by unlicensed, unqualified, pseudo-professionals pretending to be licensed, qualified, professionals.
These quaks have paralyzed and terrorized the public, the media, and the medical profession by their dishonest and damaging conduct. These criminals destroy lives and the legitimacy of the medical profession performing credible, legitimate, successful surgeries.

Plastic surgery NIGHTMARE video

Editor’s Note: All surgical procedures carry inherent risks, which are usually, minimized by caring, competent, and safety conscientious medical personnel utilizing clean, sanitized settings.

Penis enlargement educational resources

If considering surgery as a permanent option for increased length and girth, Surgery LIFE Enhancement (SLE) recommends reading the following penis enlargement educational resource before making a commitment: smartbeautyguide.com | procedures for men | penis enlargement. A website published by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeries (ASAPS).

Smart Beauty Guide contains plenty of valuable guidance to consider and vital information to educate yourself before making “One of the biggest decisions in your life.” “Be smart! Make an informed and educational decision about penis enlargement surgery.”

  • For the first time ever, Americans spent more than 13.5 billion dollars during the calendar year (2015) on aesthetic cosmetic procedures.
  • 1.2 million, cosmetic procedures performed in 2015, with only six percent (72,000) of patients reported as readmitted to the hospital after a cosmetic procedure.
  • Cosmetic procedures have increased by 39% over the past five years (from 2011) with surgical procedures up 17% and nonsurgical procedures up 44%.

*These statistics are for all types of cosmetic procedures conducted. Statistical data for only penis enlargement procedures was not available as a category.

Cosmetic Procedures on the RiseThe ASAPS statistical report indicates the dramatic increase in surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to advances in technology and techniques. Most notably advances in anesthesia safety, cost, and effectiveness contributed to more procedures conducted as outpatient procedures. In addition, advances in the effectiveness of antibiotics and techniques have reduced recovery times. These innovations make cosmetic procedures more appealing to the public.

SLE provides our clients with dedicated personal attention and unsurpassed quality services for an elite male enhancement experience! For detailed descriptions of male enhancement services and procedures, please visit our penis procedure educational reviews.

Natural male enhancement

Natural male enhancement offers a greater range of simple and effective methods for penis enlargement rather than phalloplasty. Natural male enhancement methods can often combine, to achieve greater gains than any one method alone will provide.

Three of the most popular methods are presented below:

Male Enhancement SupplementsAre arguably a greater risk than phalloplasty. The United States Food and Drug Administration does NOT require manufacturers of supplements to validate their effectiveness, contents, or safety. Studies have shown manufacturers of supplements to be untrustworthy in disclosing the contents of their remedies. SLE recommends you do NOT buy or use anything from someone who is not forthcoming about what it is or what is in it!

If the manufacturer is not disclosing exactly what it is or what is in it, they are probably telling a lie about its safety and effectiveness.

Basic types of penis exercises:

Gains in Length and Girth received from penis exercises depend on a strictly followed, dedicated, and safe routine. Always exercise at your own pace and with caution to minimize the risk of injury and achieve gains in the shortest time possible. Irritations, discomfort, and injuries require time to heal and will prolong the period before which you will notice gains from your efforts.

👉 Begin with a warm-up session then progressively increase pace and intensity to current workout levels of exertion. “Be Safe—Be Successful!

1. Stretching/Traction: Exercises performed either by physical manipulation (manually), grasping the penis with hand or fingers and stretching or by use of a male enhancement traction device (automatically) continually stretching the penis such as a vacuum extender or hanger/weights. Commonly performed during the warm-up routine as part of observing sensible safety precautions — penis stretching should begin slowly.

Penis stretching video

2. Expansion/Compression: great for increasing girth, expand and compress penis tissue by applying gentle pressure in a multitude of locations.

Penis expansion exercises video

3. Pelvic Floor: Commonly known as Kegels, exercises designed to strengthen skeletal muscles. Similar to pregnant women/post-birth, Kegels can improve sexual ability and sexual pleasure.

Kegeling exercise video

4. Jelqing: Jelqing works by forcing the blood of the penis into a smaller and smaller space creating higher pressure within the tissue of the penis resulting in slight tissue damage or micro tears. When the tissue repairs itself added length and girth emerges.

Jelqing video


Devices — that stretch the penis

Penis Weights StretcherAlways use caution when practicing exercises and using devices and follow instructions and all safety precautions and procedures.

Do NOT go “Hog-Wild.” Devices require patience and caution! Use devices only at the intensity level you have gradually reached currently. Increase intensity level of workouts gradually and minimally! Devices stretch the penis automatically and can be adjusted to increase or decrease intensity.
Mechanical methods and manual methods of stretching can combine for advanced workouts and maximum results.

Safe, economical and effective, stretching achieves gains in girth and length for your penis. In addition, benefits to sexual performance include stronger, fuller, harder erections, multiple orgasms, a boost in confidence, and improved stamina. Male enhancement devices offer two advantages: continuously applied pressure and increased intensity level to your workout.

👉 Penis enlargement devices are available in several styles:

1. Extenders – continually applies pressure and automatically stretches the penis.

Vacuum Extenders are simple, traction devices, which stretch the penis. The amount of traction easily can be adjusted to increase the intensity of workouts. The best devices fit comfortably! Being comfortable is important for sustained dedication to programs of stretching.

    Popular extenders include:

  • Phallosan Forte
  • PeniMaster Pro Extender
  • Size Doctor Extender

2. Hangers and Weights – use gravity to induce stretching. Similar to extenders, penis weights aslo use traction to induce stretching. Traction is applied by the force of gravity on hanging weights suspended from a hanger placed over the penis.

3. Pumps – create a vacuum to force blood into the tissue causing pronounced expansion. See article, Penis Pumps.

Male enhancement can deliver real results. Be smart! Be safe! Be successful!

Men want to look their best too! The choices for male enhancement discussed here are safe, affordable, and effective. Be Safe, Be Clean. Discover more of yourself and enjoy a new improved you!

Consult with a physician about whether these programs are suitable for you. Discontinue the regimen if you feel pain or discomfort, and seek a physician’s attention.