Penile Enhancement Procedures

Penile Enhancement Procedures

SLE Male Enhancement specializes in all aspects of contemporary penis enlargement surgery & non-surgical penis enlargement procedures. Our mission is to provide education, optimal surgery results, & successful non-surgical Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) girth enhancements. All medical penile enlargement procedures are performed in our sterile Surgical Center — enhanced with new technology & equipment.

Erect non-surgical PMMA widening for male enhancement

Since 2011, SLE has specialized in PMMA Girth Enhancement. No incisions or scars — Our PMMA, Linnea Safe®, provides instant, permanent, and measurable results! Our PMMA product, Linnea Safe®, specifically designed for enhanced collagen activation, maximum gains, and natural aesthetics in both appearance and feeling. Maximum girth results exclusively available from Surgery LIFE Enhancement Urologists, Dr. Ricardo, Dr. Colorado.

Phalloplasty: Erect penile lengthening under traction

Our phalloplasty penile lengthening operation begins by inducing an erection with Caverject™. Next, the erect penis is placed in traction utilizing a vacuum penis hanger (penis stretcher for extension). This additional exposure of the suspensory ligament under traction prepares the penis for greater increases in length to become possible. After the suspensory ligament has been stretched and relaxed, a single incision is made to access the ligature, concealed in the scrotum skin-fold region.

Doctors then completely separate the suspensory ligaments and the fundiform ligaments from the pubic symphysis and the top or dorsal side of the inner penis body. Now free of the ligaments, the surgeon advances the inner penis forward adding new length. Approximately .75 to 2.5 inches of additional flaccid and erect penis length is measurable. No visible incision or cosmetic scar on or above the penis, relocating the scar away from the penis dramatically improves visible length. No scar at the base increases penis extension capability.

Dermal grafts & donor dermal matrix grafting procedures

Surgical grafting procedures for male enhancement are performed exclusively by our urology surgical team, Dr. Ricardo and Dr. Colorado. Enlargement grafting procedures are available as autologous (DFG) or donor Belladerm acellular matrix grafts (ADM).

What are the advantages of DFG surgery?
  • Gains in size up to 2.5 inches of erect circumference.
  • Naturally smooth appearance and feel.
  • Grafts feel “Rock Hard” when erect.
  • Grafts feel natural: soft and pliable when flaccid.
  • DFG surgery is permanent.
  • Dermal Graft enlargement compliments a “tummy tuck.”
What are the disadvantages to DFG surgery?
  • Long recovery time: 6-8 weeks rest minimal
  • Risk of complications: infections, wound dehiscence may be more likely with solid silicone implants or dermal fat grafts.
  • May only want to consider DFG surgery if already having a “tummy tuck.”
  • Must be scheduled separately from other procedures.
PRP Shot – P-Shot

The PRP Shot is available to enhance the phalluses ability to heal after PMMA girth enhancement & improves the overall health of the penis. The P-Shot does not increase penile size.

Physiotherapy post-op penile training

Penile traction, penis weights, or chemical PGE1 injection is implemented once healing is complete from surgical penis lengthening. Physiotherapy is utilized to combat penile retraction post-op phalloplasty. Retraction is the body’s natural response to most surgical procedures that involve cutting and cauterizing. Penis retraction is typically alleviated with hand-stretching, penis weights, or chemical penis enlargement PGE1 (alprostadil) injections.

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