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Do these injections really increase the girth?

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  • Do these injections really increase the girth?

    Do these injections increase the girth when the penis is erect too? Or is it just flaccid?

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    Welcome to SLE Forums, thetjmax! There's many men on here, and elsewhere reporting about their erect girth gained from the injections. Some good journals on here too regardin how guys felt about the way their erections felt to the touch and any erect size they gained after the injections.

    a few logs below from guys who had the pmma injections.

    pmma round 1 results by Big Cuban Cigar
    My PMMA Experience with SLE (Graphic) by FUTURE
    Impressive results - just had it done by Patsoriley
    New to SLE - far from new to PE...My upcoming adventure by 9_in_Richard

    Have you tried other pe methods yet like jelqing exercises or hanging? There are countless men that have had success gainin size naturally. Personally I want to max out all my gains naturally before I move on to the next step like injections but it is in the plan...


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      thetjmax I can say to you from experience, that the pmma definitely helps increase size. Check out my thread.
      I have had incredible results with SLE. If you have any questions and would like to speak with me over the phone, contact SLE and tell them you want to speak to Big Cuban Cigar. I've been where you are. Let me help you improve your condfidence.


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