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    I’m right there with you big blunt. Been wanting this for a while as I’m tired of bathmate temporary gains. I can afford the procedure now but still haven’t been fully convinced I will be ok . I don’t mean now, I’m saying 10-20 years from now because I am young


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      Because I like that it’s noninvasive but if something goes wrong internally then the noninvasive surgery very quickly become invasive


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        That's what I'm thinking too Supernat. I'm young too and I don't want a problem occurring 15 years later when I'm just hitting my 40's you know. I'm still working on getting the money tho. I wish the website had more pics and videos, as well as more information on the various fillers that they use too!! Getting my friend down there to become even bigger would be great but I just need some reinsurance that risks are dwarfed by the benefits!!


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          Iíve been reading the posts and the results of the lengthening surgery and PMMA girth shots. Iíve been really impressed thus far. Iím scheduled for both procedures next month mid June! I figure why not just do both. This is something Iíve always wanted to do with regards to enhancing my Mojo! A personal gift for me. Iím Looking forward to sharing my experience and my results with you guys. Iíve spoken with Brandon who works at SLE and heís not only an employee but also client who had the procedures performed with astonishing results after surgery and recovery. This will be an experience that Iím going to really enjoy growing with. lol!


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            I hope it all goes well for you. Keep us outta the dark when you get this procedure done. Itís down between SLE and Avanti Derma for me. Donít forget to take those pictures.


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              I had the SLE lengthening surgery! Let me tell you, the first day was rather eventful because I got there at 0845 and didnít get on the surgery table until 4:30 approximately. That had me a bit irritated however I was patient. The staff was great and the doctors had great humor and good personalities.

              Oh oh man the process was simple and I was in and out. DAN Salas cane over the next day to check on me and provide some care instructions. Much needed!
              I started out with
              EL 5Ē
              after surgery right now Iím
              FL 4 3/4 - 5 1/4 give or take 1/8Ē
              EL 5Ē hard to tell due to swelling in the pelvic area
              It fluctuates due to swelling and healing. My balls were the size of Cantaloupes! LOL! Now theyíre down to the size of avocados.
              I was provided several videos and pics of the surgery. That really provided me great insight on how the process was conducted. I watch the videos often Iím always in awe and cringe at the same time!

              I went in on Wednesday morning @0800 to get 45cc
              I started out with
              FG = 4 1/4
              after surgery
              FG 4 3/4 - 5 1/4
              fluctuates due to swelling and healing.
              I plan on going back for round two in October time frame. Iím going for 60cc
              over all Iím happy with my current gains. DAN stated that post surgery gains from SLE lengthening comes after healing because thatís were more lengthening exercises can be performed and I can work myself up gradually. Iím patient and I will see the process through.

              Its been a week week and Iím still healing and taking my 800mg Ibuprofen, collagen, codeine, and keeping the area cleaned by changing the bandages. The incision was really good and well stitched. After today Iíll stop wrapping the incision because it has fully closed. I allow the wind to air out everyday and use antibiotic ointment twice a day. Nurturing the wound is very important. The pelvic area and my right side ball sack is sore however the penis still gets massaged daily for about 10-15 as recommended. Iím looking forward to the stretching exercises.


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                congrats and keep us posted


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                  Good morning brothas! I hope all is well! I'm tripping out over here in my chair this morning!! Lol!! I measured erect girth at approximately 5 1/4" today. I started with about
                  4 1/4 to 4 3/8 almost an inch gain. Much thicker and I like it!! I was like damnnn! Of course there's the daily fluctuations due to healing and swelling. But damn brothas that's almost an inch in girth gains! Fuck yea!!
                  Still working on the massaging and trying to get even circumference all around. Still swelling in the lower abdomen area.

                  Itís Difficult for consistent length measurements due to swelling. Iím still at about 4 1/4 FL and EL
                  Just playing the wait game during the healing process until I can get started on my post surgery stretching regime in late July!! I look forward to those exercises!

                  For any of you doubting this process and the procedures and holding off youíre just doing yourself a disservice. Iím very excited about my current results and I will be heading back to get an upgrade to 69cc! In November!! Iím looking forward to that. DAN and Brandon were such a good help throughout the whole process. True brothas for real!!

                  Brothas, stop procrastinating and thinking about it! Get it done and enjoy the results!! You wonít be disappointed!!


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