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    This is comparable to 9 inch Richard's experience so far. It seems the carrier of the pmma is rapidly absorbed, only leaving the pmma in place to form new tissue from the body reaction. I would consider this an advancement, as having a useless carrier hanging around that "faux' adds to the illusion of girth while healing is useless and counter productive. The faster there is only pmma left in the penis, the less chance it has to move and migrate with the carrier.

    Pat - has your erection quality changed since you had your pmma injections? I see you mentioned a length gain, any retraction at times? I've read a lot of reports (not from SLE) of men that experience retraction after the procedure. I find that this has been a troublesome issue when dealing with pmma migration and aesthetics.


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      Chingon, brother.....PMMA is a minimum, 3-6 month process initial measurements are no indication of final result There are many variables Younger guys, who tend to have better collagen production generally do better. Starting with a larger penis accommodates greater volume. Realistic goals would be a 1/2" gain in the first procedure. A 2nd procedure is almost inevitable, due to imperfections in symmetry.

      Bite the bullet homey.......join the club and let's see what you get! Lol


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        I have decided on which way to go =i going to go for the metacrill filler instead of evelo..the reason I'm chossing that metacrill is because with the metacrill you will have a bigger peni the same day you get your procedures done and stay big the whole prosses til collagen kick in. If anybody wants to clarify this please do but that's the route I'm going to.


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          Have you spoke to SLE staff recently? I would contact them and verify what products, procedures are still available. Their website needs updated.


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            Nonetect measurements yet.
            This morning 3 weeks post Pmma :
            FG=6" (15.5cm)
            GF is VERY amazed & pleased
            Erect she can barely wrap her hands around it
            I have natural look. Only thing is some firmness, like a donut, just behind the glans ,but not barely noticeable
            Actually makes sliding in even tighter, which I like


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              penis perspectives

              Ease in on the sex Patz! I had a consult with SLE a few months ago for my upcoming procedure and they mentioned 4 weeks before you should attempt sexual activity. Are you still massaging?

              Great to hear that you are healing so well, impressive stats! Maybe take a picture of that slide in you mentioned! For perspective of course


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                Update with some photos ..friend and measurement tape.


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                  What are the gains so far brother? What kind of girth gains do you have now?


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                    PMMA proportionate penis

                    Great results! You got a huge gain and still looks good (proportionate penis).


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                      5 months post op

                      FL= 5"
                      EG= 6"

                      5 months after
                      FG= 5.5
                      FL= 5.5

                      EG 6.5"
                      EL= 7.5

                      very happy


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                        Any updates pics you can share?


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                          6 months post round 1

                          5.0-6 fg sometimes more
                          5.5-6.5 fl

                          6.5 eg
                          7.5 el
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                            Round 2 (60cc's) on may 4!


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                              Great results!

                              Originally posted by Patzoriley View Post
                              Round 2 (60cc's) on may 4!

                              So I wanted to ask you and others does your gf easily take 6.5 girth? I dated a girl who had a kid and I used bathmate and was about 6-6.25 and she was in so much pain and it was way too tight. I know every girl is different, however, not many women can take a 6.5-7 inch girth.

                              At 60cc you will be at 7.5 girth or more! I'm just torn because at such big girth head and anal are almost out of the question. Thoughts and insight would be appreciated. Thanks.


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                                I still pump. She loves it when it so big. A huge turn on. She can't stop saying "omg omg
                                Its so beautiful." Gf before any PMMA was 5'1"110 & had trouble. But somehow she was convinced we were soulmates.

                                From pumping days before pmma, I had a good feel for what effect size can have. My lady friend for years, a size 0, never had kids, once warmed up, was very much liking the size. I was pumped to my current size unpumped.

                                my present gf, is a perfect match. She worships size.


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