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Where are all of the reviews?!

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  • Where are all of the reviews?!

    I was hoping to see some reviews from patients with varying types of surgery's performed.

    An article came out in a highly pronounced news journal (just everyday news, not medical.. Like... Weekly..) And they stated that the penis enlargement surgeries dont work, are expensive and usually leave the patient's penis disfigured, unusable & not normal.

    I didnt read it, but they referred to two types just in the Preview. They referred to surgeries like the tendon cut operation and injections.

    I'm thinking if the implant or the tendon cut surgery. I'm 7 1/4". I'm a grower, not a shower. With the implant, you get to pick from 3 sizes. Large, XL & XXL. It will add 2-3" in length. I'm wanting to be a solid 9" with girth on the low end @ just 2", but if I could get the easily attainable 3" max, that would put me at 10"-10 1/4". Just have to make sure I can get the large girth from it too. If it looks better aestheticically to go with just the 2" @ 9" with more girth & look right, then I'll do that over a skinny 10".

    I just want to kniw if I'll be disfigured or not. And if it will be noticeable or look natural.

    Anyone have any reviews? Point me in the direction of actual real reviews, not paid for reviews with FAKE or 1%'er pictures, please?

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