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  • Lethal FFT Penis Enlargement Surgery

    First death reported as result of penis enlargement surgery! Reported: July 27, 2017

    A man in Stockholm, Sweden died from a fat embolism after undergoing penis enlargement surgery.

    The procedure involved injecting fat taken from his abdomen into his penis but towards the end of the procedure, his heart rate increased while his blood pressure and oxygen levels dropped. Later he went into cardiac arrest and died. An autopsy revealed the cause of death as pulmonary fat embolism - fat entered the blood stream and traveled to the lungs where it created a blockage.

    The medical community generally accepts the procedures commonly known as suspensory ligament detachment and autologous fat transfer as safe. Doctors said the likely cause of death was both procedures performed at the same time (dual augmentation).

    The healthy, 30-year-old man was undergoing two procedures consecutively: a suspensory ligament detachment at the base of the penis for increased length and fat grafts for increased girth. It is believed trauma to veins caused during the first operation for elongation allowed fat injected during the second procedure for adding circumference to enter the blood stream, collecting in the lungs causing a blockage, resulting in complications, which lead to a heart attack and eventually death.

    Doctors stated, "Deaths from these complications during these procedures are very rare." How unfortunate. May this type of tragedy never occur again!

    The International Study for Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures performed in 2016 reports:

    8,434 penis enlargement procedures performed that year

    The International Study for Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures performed in 2013 reports:

    15,414 penis enlargement procedures performed that year

    Amazing from the frequency of these type of procedures, this is the first report of a death. That means the cosmetic enhancement industry has a pretty impressive safety record. Either year you look at the data shows a great number of procedures conducted without a death occurring. Combine just those two years and you have 23,848 penis enlargement procedures without a casualty - Impressive!

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    A billionaire just died from a heart attack a few weeks ago in Paris having a penis enlargement procedure. Not sure what type of procedure all the news said a substance was injected in his penis for enlargement.


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