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Is this herb a natural filler?

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  • Is this herb a natural filler?

    Few days ago, I wrote about some herb I used earlier last year. I read an article about this Africa herb but their was no much documentation. Luckily enough for me, I saw a page with an ebook which promise to reveal everything about this secret African herb.
    i got the ebook, made some contacts from it.
    And was able to ship some to the U.K

    I used as instructed, fermented with dry gin.
    This shit surged my dick from 4.6 to almost at 6inch(girth).
    I was afraid cause I didn't see much medical documentation so I threw it away(which I regret)

    My target it at least 6.5 inch girth
    Am already working on my length.
    If you know anything about this herb please do keep a comment
    i will keep the link to the page I found it.
    The Africa name sounds like pandoro
    Maybe this herb can be refined medically

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