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    I am very interested.
    Last edited by Darko; 02-06-2018, 08:57 PM.

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    Howdy Darko welcome to the forums! There are several pe methods that can help you increase both length and shaft thickness, the glans is a little more tricky and seems less permanent... Your 6 1/2 inch erection is a great starting size. Have you considered maximizing your potential gains with natural pe, besides pumping, to start off with like jelqing and stretching? Most pumpers report that gains from regular pumping are only temporary. I've been using an autoextender vac stretcher for over 6 months now and I've got to say I've pumped the hell out of my glans (penis head) and the glans is always the quickest to shrink back to normal size when compared to the shaft pumping I've experimented with.

    Some men have reported that pumping is a good idea before they have a penis surgery operation or injection procedure claiming it helps stretch the penis skin allowing more room for the new bigger size. This might be helpful if your start a routine months before, but like most pe exercises pumping takes time to "kick in." There are also some logs that say pumping right up to the procedure is a bad idea because pumping draws in lymph fluids and actually limits/constricts "real" size and the available implant space is limited, replaced with puffy swollen skin from the lymphatic fluids drawn in by vacuum pressures. The longer you vacuum train = less lymph fluid buildup after time.

    Originally posted by Darko View Post
    How much I can get in size?
    Everybody and every body is different. Whatever you decide for enlargement, start off slow, educate yourself, learn from others and always remember, "with pe sometimes less is more!"


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      Thank you so much on your answer.
      Yes, I try pumpuing, but sometimes... Last time a coupl of years ago... Well, after warming up my penis an going couple of pumping sessions, like slow 5 minutes, then off, then again slow 5 min, then off, then again... I have increase from 16,5cm to the 21cm... And while is in pump, looks like from porno movies, fat beast. Lol
      But, once I take off the pump, itsits st shrink back in normal... For a while it's very fat, but soft, even in erection, meaning the skin around the penis.
      I would like to know what is reality, how much is possible to gain?
      I would like to see more pics of costumers, in erection, before and after injectinons... That's what is the important most.

      Thank you


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        Originally posted by Darko View Post
        And while is in pump, looks like from porno movies, fat beast. Lol
        But, once I take off the pump, itsits st shrink back in normal... For a while it's very fat, but soft, even in erection, meaning the skin around the penis.
        Darko, have you tried a cock ring to maintain the pump result longer? I've been reading a lot of pump guides online like and tiger's guide to pumping (ball pumping) and most recommend cock rings after your pump session to help keep the extra pumped girth longer. Cock rings (which I've tried without pumping) can help the penis stay engorged bigger and for longer. Right now I've just got a cheap pump I picked up at a sex shop but I'm looking to upgrade because the little time I've got into it, I've seen some positive results and pumping is easy enough. I'm just a 3 weeks in and my pumping results thus far are positively less squishy than the first couple days I pumped. Thicker results seem to occur incrementally after a few days of sessions and the pumped results seem to linger longer with consistent training. It seems if I miss a day or 2 of pumping, I have to work a little harder to get back to where I was.

        Interested in male enhancement ever since I discovered what an increase in penis size can do for my self-esteem! Not sure if going the penis enlargement surgery route, or the PMMA non-surgical girth routine followed by phalloplasty lengthening.


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          @Darko...go check out my thread Post-op 16 months. I have pics up I gained nearly an inch in girth with just one round. Getting ready for round two at the end of this year.
          I have had incredible results with SLE. If you have any questions and would like to speak with me over the phone, contact SLE and tell them you want to speak to Big Cuban Cigar. I've been where you are. Let me help you improve your condfidence.


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