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  • Thankful

    Had first procedure in May was very pleased with the results. Dr. Salas and and his crew was incredible and understanding. Actually I was so impressed Iím going for my second procedure in the middle of January of 2019.

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    Cool and welcome to SLE forum Big J! What procedure did you have done in May?


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      Had the 60cc, was nervous in the beginning had the procedure done and thought there wasnít much of a change but after about two weeks I started to see and feel the growth in girth. My size was 5Ē inches in girth and grew to almost 6Ē. Thatís the reason for the second treatment to see how close I can get to 7Ē. The procedure was very professional in a medical environment staffed by professionals thatís done this before. There wonít be any ugly scars or marks and relatively painless meaning that after the surgery there was a period of swelling some pain but went quickly away. For whom ever is not satisfied with their equipment should really consider this procedure. Whether size matters or not itíll definitely help you mentally.


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        Congrats on the your results. Can you upload some pictures of your new girth.


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