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  • I think I’m ready

    Hello hello, I have just turned 30 years old. I have wanted and have looked into this procedure for almost 9 years now. Was always scared and never really ever took the leap and got prices. Now I think i have waited long enough the technique has evolved and all the pros over cons from you guys here at the forum I believe I’m ready to start saving for myself to get what I deserve. I have always been self conscious and never really the one to make aggressive and confident moves on woman I have always had a problem with the size on my manhood, so to speak. I have had a fair share of woman although my lack of confidence I have a good personality and a good mouth piece. I just need improvements in my pants. So I can be who I want to be . I just want to start my journey here where I will get the best advise. My Starting size is 5.5 EL, 4.5 EG. never have I did any kind of PE. I am also wondering about if I should get lengthening and PMMA. I honestly could care less about length then I do about girth I have learned threw the years that length isn’t as important as girth is. and me, I’m shy in both directions. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. And if anyone knows estimated prices on the procedures. I want to go as girthy as possibly. 6” girth perhaps, is that duable?
    Thank you everyone. I hope it was a good first post

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    bump. I see I think Iíll just have to Step up and make the call and go from there.


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      Iím in the same boat as you here too. Iím in my early 20ís though which benefits me more for the extra time Iíll have confidently stretching the ladies out!! So far all I know about the cost is itís $9,500 for 80ccs which I plan to do since I qualify with an EL of 7.5. I think you should consider the lengthening too, 5.5 EL seems to be in the small side. But make the call and check out the newly posted pictures if you havenít already! Amazing results!!!


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        Yea I was just laying here and deciding. Iíll be going to get the dual. Lengthening and pmma. Iím gunna try the bathmate before so it stretches my skin out more to receive more pmma. It seems to have gone up quite a bit In price over the years I have been waiting. So thatís a big aspect. I need to start saving and go from there. If I do in with a year or two Iíll still have time to put in work.


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          Is there financing available, does anyone know? Thank you


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            I thought folks on here talk and help with questions? Maybe not anymore..... just wondering


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              Itís been slow lately!! I guess the men who get the procedure done are enjoying their well made decision. Try privately messaging SLE, or Big Cuban Cigar, or JJ. You may get lucky!!


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