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Anyone get 80cc's?

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  • Anyone get 80cc's?

    I'm thinking about getting the procedure done. I want to get 80cc's of PMMA.

    Has anyone has this done? What does your penis feel like after? What kind of gains did you get?

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    Im thinking of doing the same thing. Iíve been back a forth with 60 ccís to 80 ccís. I think it depends on you length tbh


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      I read from a number of members here on sle that itís more about how stretchy your penile skin is. They all say that the feeling of the penis is still ALL NATURAL!!!


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        Joe, when do you think you'll do it?

        I just can't find anyone who has done it and talk to them. I'm still strongly considering it.


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          March 2019 is when I plan to go to TJ. I have a journey on realself if you'd like to follow and keep updates I post pictures of my jelqing,pumping and stretching.


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            I hope you do keep us updated with the pics joe because I too am strongly considering this procedure!! All the other fellas have been disappearing on us! Will you be doing the PMMA injection only or will you be adding on the lengthening procedure or the hyaluronic acid for the penis head enlargement???


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              Undecided on the lengthening as of now. Definitely doing PMMA. Iím between 18.5 and 19 cm in length. As for HA Iíve researched some pretty competitive prices here in the states that do it and they look good also. So Iím on the fence about HA right now.


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