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Before and After MAX PMMA - Rounds 1 and 2

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  • Before and After MAX PMMA - Rounds 1 and 2

    The patient's before and after with Surgery LIFE Enhancement MAX girth enhancement with our exclusive, male enhancement formulated PMMA.

    The patient maintained a natural and aesthetic penis enlargement result after two MAX PMMA procedures, gaining proportionate girth from below the glans to the base of the penis. The PMMA girth procedures were performed a few months apart to achieve optimal aesthetic girth results. After round two, the patient gained .6 inches of erect mid-shaft girth. Resulting in a mid-shaft erect girth of 6.4 inches.

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    Wow, that's probably the best post procedure pic I've seen...very symetrical post procedure. Hoping for a .75" overall gain post procedure myself. 6.4" would be a bit much for me....and definitely fr the wife! LOL


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      PMMA after 1 round

      Is .55 inches a pretty good estimate to girth increase with PMMA after 1 round? I ask because I read elsewhere that you can expect .75-1.25 inches


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        Originally posted by Joe View Post
        Is .55 inches a pretty good estimate to girth increase with PMMA after 1 round?
        I think guys that are longer, like 7 plus inches are above average in length. Maybe above average penis length has to have more pmma to cover the extra percentage than a 5 inch penis? .55 and .6 = 1.15 inch gain and it looks really natural, I'm surprised how vascular that penis is after two rounds of PMMA. He looks above 7 in length.


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          I'm 7" bp on the nose. I'd guess he's 7.5" nbp. My procedure is in 6 days. They certainly have my permission to post my before and after pics. I would like to have seen his before pic to compare,as I'm 5.25" girth as well going


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            I think his post 1st procedure pic looks better than the 2nd pic....more natural and symmetrical.


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              Any particular reason why you getting pmma from one point near the base instead of front the side or back?


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