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Surgery LIFE Enhancement · PHALLOCARE · SLE ♂ Male Enhancement specializes in all legitimate aspects of surgical & non · surgical penis enlargement. Our mission is to provide penis enlargement education, optimal enhancement surgery results and complete non-surgical PMMA & phalloplasty satisfaction. You’ll find this website to be a different and refreshingly truthful view of what can be accomplished in the realm of penis enlargement surgery & non-surgical penis enhancement.

Distinct from other phalloplasty clinics, Surgery LIFE Enhancement counselors have all undergone penis enlargement surgery, and we understand your desire to achieve a bigger penis. Often, penis size is a core factor in a man’s self confidence and esteem. Whatever the circumstances are that brought you here, we are here for you. Surgery LIFE Enhancement provides you our complete support with respect, discretion, and understanding as you consider your penis enlargement surgery experience.

Surgery LIFE Enhancement’s Phallocare penis enlargement clinic was founded nearly 20 years ago in 1996. Since our origination, we have performed over 3,000 penis enlargement procedures and pioneered many of the leading innovations in surgical and non-surgical penis enlargement known today. Our state-of-the-art penis enlargement surgical techniques have been refined and perfected to precision.If you want to add inches to your penis size, contact us for a confidential consultation and learn more about your options for penis enlargement, male enhancement surgery, and non-surgical options today.

 S.L.E. ♂ Male Enhancement Specializes in:

  • Erect PMMA Non-Surgical Penile Widening & Penis Enlargement Surgery
  • Phalloplasty Penile Widening & Erect Penile Lengthening Under Traction
  • Chemical Physiotherapy Post-op Penile Training 
  • Penile Traction and Penis Weight Devices

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Penis Enlargement, what really works?

There is a lot of conflicting information on the Internet regarding penis enlargement. Today, penis enlargement advertisements boast huge penis size results from an array of methods ranging from pills, pumps, penis stretchers/extenders, natural jelqing techniques, chemical enlargement, penis enlargement surgery, penis silicone implants, non-surgical PMMA/Macrolane girth injections, platelet rich plasma injections, penis enlargement doctors, male enhancement experts, anonymous penis enlargement forums (self-proclaimed experts). What penis enlargement techniques really work? Some of these enlargement methods will increase your penis dimensions, and some are a waste of time & money.

Do you want a bigger penis?

Like most men, you probably answered yes. After all, you are researching Surgery LIFE Enhancement. You can quote us on this, “your penis does not define you as a man, but if you would like to accentuate your penis permanently, we have specialized in surgical and non surgical male enhancement since 1996.” Now, diving right into the realms of penis enlargement may seem like a labyrinth designed to convince a man that his penis in some how inadequate. In 1948, the Kinsey Institute scientifically documented 2500 penis sizes. The average erect penis size for most men was documented by Kinsey’s team and averaged 5 to 6 inches long by 4 to 5 inches in circumference.

The majority of our patients had penis size endowments that were well in the range of average to above average. Some Urologists and doctors are only pro penis enlargement surgery when the man’s penis is well below average, and considered a micropenis. A micropenis is a term used by the urological community that refers to a penis size that is less than 2.8 inches flaccid stretched length (flaccid stretch length is closely correlated to erect penis length). At Surgery LIFE Enhancement we provide penis enlargement for ALL men, regardless of your penis size.

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