In recent years, there is a convergence of people traveling to Tijuana and other Mexico cities for a variety of plastic surgery and medical tourism services. Specifically, men across the Americas are flocking to TJ to enlarge their penises. COMPA is the convergence of movements of the peoples of the Americas—& penis size is certainly a huge factor within our American society, a factor which has shifted a massive movement across the Americas to TJ–the Non-Surgical, Permanent Penis Enlargement Injections Capital of the World 🏆!

Men Choose SD Airport for SLE PE Medical Tourism

Men undergoing penis enlargement procedures with SLE choose to fly into San Diego Airport.

Men departing from all cities within North America, choose to fly into San Diego Airport (SAN), sometimes referred to as Lindbergh Field, SAN best meets men’s travel needs during their personal SLE PE medical tourism experience. A private driving service is available upon men’s arrival at SAN Airport. The driving service is optional for $140.00 USD.

The driving service includes transportation from your arrival in SD through the San Ysidro Port of Entry into Tijuana Baja, California & full return service directly to your departure flight after your stay.

Where Do Men Prefer to Stay During Their Visit?

Men Prefer The Grand Hotel, Tijuana.Once in TJ, it is advised for men to check into their hotel before arriving at our penis enlargement clinic. Most men prefer to book a room at the Grand Hotel, TJ for their stay. The Grand Hotel is conveniently located only minutes from our surgery clinic. Checking in gives men time to drop their luggage off and take a Hibiclens soap shower. Hibiclens soap can help decontaminate germs after your travels.

After checking in and showering, men are ready to be transported to our surgery center for their surgical or non-surgical penis enlargement procedure. Transportation within Tijuana to and from our surgical clinic is provided by SLE.

Where are the Surgery LIFE Enhancement Clinics Located?

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Procedures.
 Non-Surgical PMMA Procedures: RIO NEWFOUNDLAND CLINIC (Terra Nova), Blvrd Gral Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada 9542-1, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

SLE Surgical Penis Enlargement Procedures.
 Surgical Penis Enlargement Procedures: Carrillo Puerto y o Tercera 8217, Zona Centro, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico.

What are Tijuana’s Most Popular Penis Enlargements?

Traveling to Tijuana for penis enlargement is an excellent choice considering the mounting prices

Traveling to Tijuana for penis enlargement is an excellent choice considering the mounting costs of surgical and non-surgical penis enlargement procedures in the USA and abroad. For men traveling to Tijuana for penis enlargement, which SLE enlargements do most men opt for, surgical or non-surgical? 🥇 Non-surgical enlargements are by far the most popular procedures at SLE clinics; Surgical enlargement is a close second with penile lengthening surgery🥈!

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargements Available at SLE
  • PMMA shaft girth enhancement injections
  • Glanular augmentation with hyaluronic acid
Surgical Penis Enlargements Available at SLE
  • Penile lengthening surgery; suspensory ligament release
  • Grafting girth enlargement with donor or autologous tissue
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