Is my penis small?

An age-old question that men, wizards, and even warriors have all asked themselves at their point in life when they become sexually active. The answer to this question is obviously very important. For men, the thought of being small or inadequate is very unsettling because in human culture so much emphasis is placed on sexual performance and ability.

This unknown creates apprehension and anxiety for these men when approaching women. As the saying goes “You can’t do the job well if you don’t have the right tool for the job!” Anxiety about one’s penis size can lead to ongoing performance issues. Such anxiety can greatly diminish self-confidence and decrease a man’s quality of life.

SLE will try to provide a sensible straightforward answer. However, what is universally accepted as average penis size and what is considered below average (small) are not easily answered questions—there are no cut and dry answers. Several factors are involved in answering male genitalia size questions.

Average penis size varies significantly from region to region around the world and is dependent on many conditions such as ethnicity, the region of the world in which you live, genetics, physiology, nutrition, weight, and lifestyle.

What’s an average “penis size?”

Average penis size worldwide falls within a range of measurement. Average “penis size” in adult males is generally accepted as four to eight inches in length – the penis is measured from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans (penis head) of a fully erect penis. Average penis length and girth in America is four to six inches in length and about 5 inches in girth.

Here at Rio Medica, formerly Terra Nova Med, Surgery LIFE Enhancement measured thousands of men previous to their surgery and we concur. Statistically, most men measured fell within this medically recognized average penis size range.

In America, average is about 5 inches.

A small penis or micropenis is, medically defined as, one which is three inches or less when fully erect. This is a very rare condition and typically has a physiological reason!

A large penis is usually considered anything over eight inches in length when fully erect. Only about three percent of men qualify in this category!

Normal Penis Size

What's a normal penis size?Listen! If you have a penis size larger than three inches–you’re NORMAL! Performance and skill, as well as stamina, have been reported by many women as more important to them than the length of an art penis size.

Does penis size really matter?

Measuring Up Penis SizeTruly, a matter of preference! When asked in surveys women respond in a variety of ways to this question. Of course, for some it matters! For others, it’s not an issue of size but rather sexual performance! Still, others consider many other factors as more important such as: talent, tenderness, effort, strength and so on…

But to answer the question directly…Yes, size really matters! Most women will say, “It’s not All Important,” but it matters! “Bigger is Better!”

What women want & ways to improve penis performance

What women want is definitely open for debate and will vary greatly based on the individual preferences of the women asked. With that said, know that women want to be satisfied just like the rest of us.

Although maybe difficult, a conversation with your sexual partner about her sexual preferences is the best advice SLE can give. Be open and honest and especially sensitive to your partner’s feelings, concerns, and most importantly Respectful!

Remember, “There are ways to improve penis size.” “So all hope is not lost!”

Girth: Many women report girth (thickness) as being more important to them than the length of a penis, the experience of fullness is more pleasurable than deeper penetration (Which can be painful if the penis is hitting the cervix.

G-Spot: Located just two inches from the vaginal opening, the g-spot in women can be reached by almost all men, even ones with a Micropenis. So most women can be brought to orgasm even by a small penis.

Talent: Many women report that technique is most important to them…”A man who knows what to do and how to use it is more satisfying.” Experimenting with new techniques and positions can achieve the satisfaction desired by you and your partner.

Foreplay: Very Important for many women, as women usually take more time to be sexually aroused than men. Reports claim it may take up to ten minutes for women to be fully aroused.

Sexual Aids: The introduction of toys and games can vastly improve sexual outcomes for both partners–Experiment! Play!

Oral Sex: Be open to learning what your partner likes, try new techniques and experiment. Read books on the subject or watch instructional DVD’s to improve your talents.

Manual Stimulation: Using your fingers to stimulate your partner can be very gratifying to her and the g-spot can easily be reached with practice. Many women enjoy this practice.

small Size Countermeasures: How to make your penis Bigger

A bigger penis is achievable. There are several options and steps you can take to increase your penis size.

Exercise: Regular exercise will improve blood flow to your penis and improve overall circulation. Studies confirm exercise increases the production of new capillaries in the body and thus allows greater blood-flow to tissues and organs. This can improve both girth and length, as well as, performance.

Loose Weight: The less body fat you have the bigger your penis will look in relation to your body.

Relax: Stress and anxiety constrict blood vessels and thus make your penis appear smaller.

Quit Smoking: Smoking reduces blood-flow and circulation throughout your body. It also reduces oxygen intake which inhibits new capillary production.

Other options available to you for penis enhancement and enlargement include: Penis exercises, enhancement devices and aids, nonsurgical enlargement procedures, and penis enlargement surgery.

Penis Exercises

Penis exercises are a great place to start improving your length and girth. You don’t have to invest lots of money or time to achieve satisfying size gains! Several methods of exercises presumed effective are presented below:

Jelqing: Apparently, meaning: “milking“, is a safe and reportedly effective means to increase penis length and girth up to two inches with dedicated routines. Common jelqing routines involve anywhere from five to twenty minutes of daily exercises two to five days per week. A search for the term will provide instructional techniques for jelqing.

Kegels: Done in four easy steps: 1. Contract, 2. Hold, 3. Release, 4. Repeat. Kegels specifically target the pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening these specific muscles can improve erection quality and angle, give more intense orgasm and indirectly enlarge your penis. A search for the term will provide instructional techniques for Kegels

Penis Stretches: As implied these are stretches you do to your penis to improve girth and length. A search for the term will provide instructional techniques for penis stretches.

Penis Enlargement Devices and Aids

There exists a variety of penis enlargement devices designed to assist you in enlarging your penis. These include:

Penis Pumps: Work by creating a vacuum of suction causing blood to flow into the tissue of the penis–expanding it!

Penis Weights and Hangers: Like it says, a hanger is placed on the penis and weights are added to stretch the penis using gravity.

Penis Extenders: Usually worn under clothes, extenders try to give the appearance of a bigger “package,” “filling the basket” you might say! Still, other types of extenders have extending bars that can lengthen the penis.

If you have tried Pumps, Weights and Hangers, Penis Extenders and Exercises and you are still unsatisfied with your results, other options are still available to you. Male Enhancement Augmentation can be performed non-surgically or surgically. Which option is right for you is a decision you should consider very carefully!

PMMA Penile Girth Augmentation Procedures

Injections of PMMA in the penis cause the tissue to grow and increases the overall girth of the penis. For more detailed information and description of PMMA Penile Girth Augmentation Procedures see article: PMMA Non-Surgical Penis Girth Enlargement.

Male Enhancement Surgery

As implied, this procedure requires medical surgery and recovery. For more detailed information refer to Surgery Life Enhancement’s article: Penis Enlargement Surgery.

Important questions you should ask yourself and your partner if you have one:
  • Are you satisfied with what you have?
  • Do you need to make a change to feel self-confident and self-assured about yourself?
  • Is size really that important to me?
  • Am I fine just the way I am? Do I need to consider my options more carefully?

Whatever your decision may eventually be, relax! Options are available and affordable and may only be a “Click or a phone call away!” Here at “Surgery Life Enhancement,” we provide lots of free information and guidance to a bigger, fuller experience. Research your penis enlargement interests on our vast website.

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