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  • Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction, also known as, impotence, is defined as: the inability to maintain an erection firm enough for sex. ED can cause stress, affect self-confidence, and contribute to relationship problems.

    Detailed information can be found at high ranking websites such as:,,, and

    These sites have information such as: 1.) Definitions, 2.) Symptoms, 3.) Causes, 4.) Diagnosis, 5.) Treatment.

    Quizzes are also available at these sites to test your knowledge and assess your risk for potential development of Erectile Dysfunction.

    Because of the seriousness of the conditions and diseases which cause ED, if you suspect you may have ED consult a medical professional about it. This is a tough topic to bring up with your doctor but necessary for good health if you suspect there may be a problem. ED affects a great many men. About 40% of men admit to experiencing impotence. Though most causes for ED are physical, roughly 10-20% of men experience it because of Psychological reasons.

    Common conditions causing ED like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are also chronic diseases and need constant monitoring and often medications and an exercise routine to treat. Stress is a major concern for anyone living with a chronic disease and if you add a complication such as Erectile Dysfunction to the mix it can be a never ending battle of chasing your tail! One step forward for every three steps back!

    Most health organizations advocate strongly that exercise is extremely beneficial and prevents a variety of stress from becoming unmanageable.

    Treatment, in general, is contingent on the cause of impotence, but will most likely require stress management and exercise to improve overall health. The chronic diseases associated with ED generally require lifestyle changes to combat their symptoms and improve quality of health. Men over 60 years of age may experience impotence as a result of obesity and possibly need only exercise to reverse it. Additional treatment settings may also be necessary since addictions and medications play a significant role in overall health and are major factors in causing Erectile Dysfunction.

    Smoking and Alcohol and illicit drugs and medications can restrict blood flow preventing the ability to maintain an erection. These affects are usually temporary and can subside with abstinence. As importantly, "Out of Control" addictions also make a person less cable of managing stress. Treatment can also involve more medications, for improved blood flow, such as: Viagra or Cialis, please note: Consult a medical doctor before taking new medications. Viagra and Cialis aren't the only medicinal methods, you can also use injections and suppositories both methods are applied to the Penis. Other treatments can include surgery to improve blood flow or penis pumps.

    A Penis Pump or vacuum constriction device is an external pump which is placed over the penis, pumped to create a vacuum drawing blood into the penis and a constriction ring place around the base of the penis to maintain the erection, a release valve is then used to remove the Penis Pump and intercourse is attempted. The constriction ring should not be left on the penis more than approximately 30 minutes to prevent injuring the penis. Many men report good results from using Penis Pumps. Your doctor may be able to recommend a reputable manufacturer. Over time the results may diminish.

    Treatments and remedies vary but one thing is consistent, many men have experience with impotence and most will agree... "it is not easy to talk about" and so can be very devastating. The well being of men living with Erectile Dysfunction depends on their willingness to address the issue with love ones to preserve their most important relationships and with medical doctors to preserve and enhance their overall health and wellbeing. The surgery life enhancement forum is a good, safe, place to start discussing it anonymously.

    I sincerely hope this post is of value to the forum members and that it generates a general discussion about Erectile Dysfunction. This post was not intended to be authoritative or medical advice nor are the websites:,,, intended to replace sound medical advice. If you have concerns about your medical health you should make an appointment with your medical doctor.
    this post is intended to promote conversation and discussion only!

    Please be well and safe!
    Mr. Ed

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    Mr. Ed's Erectile Dysfunction

    Here we go again Mr. Ed, another long informative article from the "know-it-all." Not really, just joking, this one is well written and informative and demonstrates a lot of thought went into it. Thank You for writing about such a sensitive topic. Erectile Dysfunction is a very personal and embarrassing subject....

    We (men) need more open and honest portrayals of living with this often too common condition. Not there yet myself, but ahh! who knows could happen to any of us, right? Let's hope not and practice good health.



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