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    Product Review/Testimonial

    Owner’s of the male enhancement product: “Fleshlite”, Please Respond! I would like to hear comments or testimonials from males or females about this product.

    I believe there might be some truth to the adage: “Use it or Loose it!” I am currently without a steady girlfriend, and wish to maintain a strong libido, and improve my stamina. A friend suggested I purchase a toy. After some thought and a little research on the internet, I have decided I would like to try one of these very affordable devices.

    Besides presenting me with incentive to “practice”, which should improve my stamina, I believe this may also benefit my libido. Psychologically, this is adding a sense of adventurism to my sex life. Who knows, if this little exotic fun is as pleasurable as advertised-alone, I may even introduce this “practice” to a future relationship with a girlfriend.

    Mainly, I am interested in comments concerning the maintaining or enhancing of libido during time between steady girlfriends. Secondary concerns include: Overall Satisfaction, Durability, Cleanup, Recommendations, Draw-backs (if any) and of course available accessories used.

    Please add any advice or suggestions you may have concerning the use of this product.


    Mr. Ed
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