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Jonah Falcon Proof of Largest Penis in the World

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  • Jonah Falcon Proof of Largest Penis in the World

    I've been hearing a lot about this Jonah Falcon guy lately, admittedly I've been researching penis enlargement and Jonah's penis is coming up on the high end of the pole. Beyond bragging rights, Mr. Falcon's penis was measured on live television, measuring 13.5 inches. In biblical times Jonah was swallowed by a whale; in modern times, Jonah is the largest mammal on Earth (at least between his legs). I've got an average sized penis, and it's not that I would want to be that big, but imagining a penis that is twice the size of mine puts me in my place and just adds to my insecurities.

    If I was sporting a Jonah Falcon, I would set my alarm for 4 AM daily and be first in line at every "straight"adult film audition available. With 13.5 inches you could have down syndrome and rock the adult film industry like a storm. One of the largest adult male stars, Mandingo, claimed his penis measured 14 inches! The truth was his penis only measured 9.5 inches (nothing to sneeze at), but Jonah Falcon has Mandingo by over 4 inches! Evidence of Mandingo's size has been widely discussed. There are some excellent comparison pictures out there, my favorite Mandingo size comparison is to this standardized Barbie doll. The Barbie Doll measuring in at a standard 11.5 inches. (See Figure 1a)

    Jonah Falcon didn't take that road, he actually decided to live a fairly normal life. He has appeared on tv to represent his penis size a few times, making his debut on HBO's private dicks in 1999. The HBO documentary private dicks features men of endowment and Jonah Falcon's part is at 5:47:

    Jonah Falcon on Private Dicks

    In the video Jonah Falcon says , "I was ashamed of me, not of it... Because of all of me, I felt like I was different."

    Maybe it's not too late for Jonah Falcon. He could reach Bill Gates status just from the rumor of him starting his own adult movie company! Who wouldn't want to see Jonah Falcon's 13 1/2 inch monster cock initiating a casting couch cutie or seasoned adult star like Mia Khalifa? Nope, normal dude, normal interviews and a limited Hollywood star status at best, although Jonah made a uncredited appearance in "A Beautiful Mind" as a mental patient, and an extra on the Sopranos, he was possibly best known as a frequent guest on the Howard Stern Show.

    Jonah Falcon has made claims that his biological father is none other than John Holmes. John Holmes may quite possibly the most famous porn name of all time. Falcon says he has the documentation to back this claim up. John Holmes, known for sporting incredible penis length in thousands of adult films in the 70's and 80's reportedly died from AIDS in 1988. Overshadowing John Holmes (Falcon's Daddy) adult film mega-stardom was the Wonderland Murders in which Holmes was involved, but never officially charged. He did, however, spend 5 months on the run with his then girlfriend, Dawn Schiller.

    Despite Jonah's claims that he was fathered by John Holmes, some of Falcon's family has disputed his claims. Regardless of who's Jonahs daddy, he still has to measure his penis with a yardstick. Jonah Falcon proof (see Figure 1b). If anyone out there knows of a penis size rival of Jonah Falcon, let me know and I will update my size goals.

    Figure 1a: Mandingo Size Proof According to Barbie
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    Figure 1b: Jonah Falcon Picture Proof
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    Great post moby!

    I don't think Jonah Falcon actually has the largest penis in the world, just the largest penis that has been documented. Surely there are a few more 14 and 15 inch monster cocks out there. I've seen a few contenders just from my school days in the locker room... No rulers were involved, but when the tip of a guys dick is practically touching his knees—he's probably got a foot long and then some.

    Just watch some tribal African videos from National Geographic or something there are plenty of visible dicks slapping the guys knees as they dance around. Not short guys either... The men I'm referencing were all about 6 foot tall plus.


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      Holy Sh*t Jonah's dick goes all the way to the tip of his knees. Either way, a penis hanging down to the tip of the knees or below, half that guy's cock will be sticking out of any pussy even after bottoming out!


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        This Mexican guy Roberto Esquivel Cabrera claims to have the worlds biggest penis but after he had an MRI to prove his claimed meter long dick size, come to find out (spoiler alert) his penis size was mostly foreskin... Like 14 inches of foreskin... Definitely no Jonah Falcon and the guy keeps his penis wrapped in bandages, "to be comfortable with it because it bothers him in his pants."

        A little heavy on the TLC Tugger maybe?


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          It's crazy because before I had my procedure, I researched all these men. Y'all should research "Shorty Mac" . His penis is 8 inches in girth!! My idle!!
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