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Does Quitting Smoking effect Penis Size?

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  • Does Quitting Smoking effect Penis Size?

    Does smoking cessation change the size of the penis?

    Studies suggests quitting smoking, will most likely, lead to an improvement in general overall health.

    A great deal of research has been conducted over the past years on the effects of long term, daily use of tobacco. The results of these studies vary dramatically, as expected, since not all the tests or studies were done asking the same question or seeking to prove the same hypothesis--they may not even be related. But all were trying to discover the effects of smoking on some aspect of human health. All seem to indicate quitting smoking will improve your health, maybe even dramatically.

    Some of the studies even suggest that smoking cessation may lead to a noticeable increase in penis girth or circumference, and fuller, firmer erections, with quicker arousal times. Contrary to such claims of increased length of the penis, nowhere have I heard of or seen a study which confirms an increase in length of the penis after stopping smoking.

    I believe what is observed from these studies about the differences in penis size reported can be attributed to greater blood flow to the penis as a result of smoking cessation. It has been known for some time that smoking restricts blood flow to many parts of the body and that it can lead to impotence in men. And although, I am not aware of any scientific research which supports lengthening of the penis after smoking cessation, research does indicate and supports that greater blood flow to the penis increases the fullness of erections and the overall thickness of the penis. Noticeable increases in length may be a result of increased blood flow causing the penis to hang lower due to increased heft (Girth).

    Obesity reduces circulation and restricts blood flow and is known to be a contributing factor in erectile dysfunction. Significant weight loss could dramatically improve the perception your penis has grown. Men who quit smoking and lose weight at the same time may discover their penis appears larger than usual. Obesity distorts our bodies visually. A large belly may make a man’s genitals appear smaller in comparison to when his belly is flat.

    One factor I have not noticed included in these studies is whether or not any of the male participants practiced penis enlargement techniques or exercises during the course of the study. It remains unclear if quitting smoking will improve results of lengthening practices such as: hangers, penis pumps, jelqing… etc. No doubt increased blood flow resulting from smoking cessation is an improvement in general health and arousal times, and fuller, firmer erections and a step closer to preventing or reversing impotence, but the verdict is still out on whether it will get you closer to your lengthening goals.

    Does smoking cessation lead to increased penis size? I would say yes and no. You may see some gains in girth, and erection quality but probably none in the category of overall length.

    Best Wishes,

    Mr. Ed

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    Penis size does improve with smoking cessation

    Thank you for writing a post--"penis size improving after smoking cessation? Mr. Ed. I know posts are supposed to be polite and friendly, but Mr. Ed I just have to say: "I think you are a know-it-all! I mean to be impolite, you write about studies but I don't think you know a study from a back-panel "search and find" on a box of breakfast cereal! Would you be so kind as to not sling the "horse manure" on this polite, informative forum. I'd like to know I can trust the information and discussions found here (very important to me).

    I do think everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and respect for their own perspective on any topic shared here! So, I will express mine now. I have been told by a few males that quitting smoking did help improve the size of their penis. I have also seen testimony on forums of this topic. I believe these men were not exaggerating or subject to "wishful belief". They were very convinced and proud to have "great news" to share. So there, Mr. Ed, hope is still alive for smaller men who smoke!



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      I don't think there have a relationship between these 2 smoking and penis size.


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