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Small Penile Syndrome a type of body dysmorphic disorder

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  • Small Penile Syndrome a type of body dysmorphic disorder

    Last night I spent my Friday like most nights, researching remedies for my micro penis condition and obsessing over this very small part of my body. Although, I don't think I fall into the small penis dysmorphic category because I'm scientifically proven to be at the low end of size, I found medical and psychological research and findings for small penile syndrome can benefit those that are afflicted with less than average penis sizes and those that obsess to the point of self-confidence crippling.

    A double edge sword really, I found this site in the same obsessive tendencies, but the message of this site shares my exact intention, getting a bigger penis without wasting time and energy on methods that are outdated, or don't work in the first place. That's why your here too. As Wylie, K. R. and Eardley introduced in there, <a href="">Penile size and the small penis syndrome study</a>, "The penis, particularly in its erect state, is a symbol of masculinity. In many cultures it has come to symbolize attributes such as largeness, strength, dominance over men, and possession of women." This statement alone is a lot to fathom! A scientific statement proving that penis erect size is major contributing factor to the hierarchy of societal and cultural beliefs! Sigh of relief, it's not just me. This contrasts with a Canadian study, <a href="">Correlates of genital perceptions among Canadian post-secondary students</a>, which states, "This contrasts with most men, who are likely to be satisfied with their erect (8%) and overall penile size (71%) than with their flaccid size (51%). Further overall satisfaction with the genitals was linked to increased body satisfaction," but because the "Penile size and the small penis syndrome" article concludes a correlation between an increased penis size and self-satisfaction of how men perceive themselves.

    I found the penile size and small penis syndrome study very enlightening as it gathered quantitative and quantitative data. The study details the effect penis size has on relationships and really hit home in the following aetiology of small penis syndrome, "Fears and anxieties about penile size might also arise after the breakdown of a relationship, or after derogatory or malicious remarks made by a partner during sexual activities. The receptive partner might report that she or he cannot feel the man inside during sexual intercourse. This might lead to poor sexual self-confidence, with a tendency to feel inadequate in vulnerable public situations, and this in turn might prevent the man from establishing further (or any) intimate relationships. Under these circumstances, the anxiety is primarily related to the erect penis."

    I'm stuck in this category, I am basically refusing relationships until this single body issue is resolved, and acceptance, or change are my only two options! I wouldn't change ANYTHING about myself, other than my penis! Fortunately, my testes are normal size, but the study found a relationship between, "men with poorly developed and small testicles, the problem might be accentuated, as there is no upward and forward lift to the penis, and so the genital bulge is minimal." This made me chuckle, as they state the obvious small balls equals a smaller bulge.

    This next fact is a great eye opener for men that are overweight, or live a sedentary lifestyle. The study brings light to the beer gut syndrome and how a man’s belly and body fat plays a role in visual penis size and lack of satisfaction, “In men who are overweight, there are dual factors of a perspective issue (the penis cannot be seen with the abdominal overhang) and with the presence of a significant suprapubic fat pad causing the penis to be partly buried.”

    That one was obvious, but the next statement in the study was somewhat alarming, "Concerns over levels of female sex hormones and industrial pollutants in water have been raised by the media." What media? I missed this female sex hormones in the water memo, and I'd be pissed if drinking water contributed to my micro penis!

    The study measured men's concerns about their flaccid length, erect length, and penis girth and provided a list of management and treatment options including:

    <b>Physical treatments</b> including use of vacuum penis pumps, penis extenders, and penoscrotal rings. The small penis size study wants patients to be aware, "Evidence on their efficacy is very limited and it is important that the patient is aware of this." <a href=""></a> does an awesome job illuminating penis enlargement methods that work and have been tested over time. This next treatment option isn't really my cup of tea, but some men may find it useful to help them shape a more positive outlook about themselves.

    <center><b>Mirror Work</b></center>

    <center><b>You get the idea.</b></center>

    The small penis syndrome and body dysmorphic disorder study included a penis enlargement surgery option as a treatment for S.P.S., but there write-up was not optimistic, "[surgery] would appear to be an attractive option for many men with SPS, and indeed, for those who research the Internet there is no shortage of sites encouraging such an approach. However, the results of surgery are poorly documented and significant complications can ensue. Accordingly, it is recommended that any surgical procedure should only be used after a careful preoperative assessment, which should include a thorough psychological assessment as outlined above." It further supports this claim citing the article "Priapism, Peyronie’s disease, penile reconstructive surgery," by Pryor J, Akkus E, Alter G., "careful advice on the potential results of surgery and the potential complications that might ensue is essential. Indeed, the 2nd International Consultation on Sexual Dysfunctions concluded that ‘most men will not wish to proceed to surgery when properly informed of the likely outcome and risks of complications."

    Granted the belief structure and cultural significance of this small penis syndrome study are probably well intact being it was conducted in 2007, thankfully phalloplasty and non surgical methods of enlargement have certainly advanced in the last 9 years. The study concluded in 2007 that, " similarly, there is emerging evidence about the place of surgery and there are now several reports suggesting that dividing the suspensory ligament can increase flaccid penile length. There are only limited data relating to operations designed to enhance penile circumference." Obviously, since 2007 there have been 1000's of well documented images and patient girth surgery reports, and the light of PMMA, advancements in surgical risk management and innovations has placed the <a href="">penis enlargement surgery option</a> as the most popular option, if affordable.

    I hope you take the time to read the studies in the links I provided, and encourage your input!

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