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SLE ♂ Penis Expanding Weight Hanging Device Demonstration

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  • Butler2800
    Can't watch your videos

    Hi Dan

    Mate I can't watch any off you videos.

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  • Por Vida
    To: SLE

    I think your enlargement devices are great for post opp and general penis enlargement for when you want to stretch the penis shaft for length. My question which will be short today: Have you thought about making/engineering a penis stretcher for people that have had a hernia repair, or multiple hernia repairs in their groin area? My urology surgeon corrected the hernia with a mesh. Penis weights would probably be too much for this area to handle. Men that have had their hernia surgically repaired may have issues with training after the lengthening surgery.

    So I figured I'd ask that question and I'm sure you'll have the answer that many men will ask. Thanks and to everyone that reads this have a great day and I hope that men that have this question, it will be answered for you guy's very soon. I have also had hernia surgery and haven't dared to use weights because I do not know the risks, plus I have mesh and have had problems with it. SLE please help us out thanks.

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  • SLE ♂ Penis Expanding Weight Hanging Device Demonstration

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