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LG Hanger Vacuum Based Weight Hanging System for Penis Enlargement

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  • LG Hanger Vacuum Based Weight Hanging System for Penis Enlargement

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    Extensive testing has proven the LG Hanger offers the following benefits for penis enlargement users:
    1. Multi-inch Enlargement – The LG Hanger produces multi-inch enlargement, when used consistently.
    2. Convenient to Use – The LG Hanger is the most convenient hanger to use on the market.
    3. Multiple Positions - The LG Hanger can be positioned in whatever position you’d like: straight down, BTC, fulcrum, over the leg, etc.
    4. Extended Wear Time - The LG Hanger can be worn for as long as your penis enlargement routine requires.
    5. Comfort – The LG Hanger is the most comfortable hanger on the market. It does not compress the tissues, instead it expands the tissues as it pulls on your penis, not only providing a comfortable hanging experience, but also giving you optimal overall penis enlargement results!
    6. Mobility - Unlike other hangers, with some loose fitting clothing, you can wear the LG Hanger and desired weight and walk around your home, allowing you to do other things around the home while enlarging your penis!
    7. Foreskin Generation/Restoration - In addition to multi-inch penis enlargement, the LG Hanger can trigger foreskin growth over time.
    8. Glans Expansion – The LG Hanger also facilitates glans expansion
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    I'll be checking this thread periodically throughout the week days for your questions regarding Penis Enlargement (PE) and posting new video tutorials frequently! We are working closely with Surgery Life Enhancement to help you on our PE journey. Using pre/post surgery traction can help you get the results you expect.


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