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  • Dr. Loria Platinum Procedure

    Doctor Loria comes up in my top listings when searching for any information about these type of procedures. I'm curious about Loria medical's platinum technique and would like to learn more detail from your reviews. If there are any Dr. Loria patients out there reading this, maybe you would be willing to share your before and after pics, stats, and measurements here. I'd also like to hear from you guys about how much the platinum injections cost and if the injections are different prices per cc/ml or does Loria charge per procedure?

    I had a difficult time finding any info on his site about what they use for the injections and I hadn't even thought about what exactly the platinum injection's "unique materials" are (that is how the platinum method is described on and a post on the forum earlier brought this to my attention. I looked again all over Loria's site and still couldn't find what they're injecting, but I'm probably not the best guy to find stuff, just ask my wife!

    Thanks Everbody! pw

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    Welcome to the forums pw! The Platinum description is kind of smoothed over on doc L's site and if your not careful you might miss it. First glance of what comes up in searches for "Loria Platinum Procedure" it brings up this page, The page has a few frequently asked questions about "what is the platinum procedure regarding penis enlargement." Actually, there are more statements than questions!

    But no info on the material he injects, other than, it's a "facial filler." Dr. Loria claims, "[his] procedure is far superior regarding risks of complications as compared to any type of major invasive surgical procedure, which involves actual cutting the penis open, and the insertion of any device or pre-formed materials."

    What is Dr. Loria's Platinum injections made of?

    Loria's Platinum Procedure may offer different fillers, however, the main filler injected is Silikon 1000. Manufactured by Alcon Labs in Texas, Silikon 1000 is a medical grade silicone that is FDA approved for the treatment of retinal detachment of the eyes, and the silicone injectable is currently not approved for cosmetic surgery purposes. Regardless, this hasn't stopped doctors from using Silikon 1000 for cosmetic procedures since the FDA modernization act of 1997 allows licensed physicians to use silicon 1000 as "off-label" for other purposes including dick enlargement.

    Dr. Loria's Silikon shots aren't hidden on his site but it might be difficult to find for some men. While navigating the Loria Medical website, the section under "procedures," search for "the platinum technique" and that page brings up little more details about his injection methods and materials.

    Scroll down about midway and you will see the section, "3.This needle poke has now provided a "port" to insert the filler material," and there's a picture of the silicone injections Loria uses just below that section (see Fig. 1a) with a note, "the Silikon 1000 material is one potential filler that can be used." From there, searching "Loria Silikon 1000" brings up some good descriptions of the Platinum Procedure (see Fig. 1b) including the precise composition of Loria Medical's penis injections. Silicone.

    Fig. 1a: Dr. Loria's Silicone Brand used for the Platinum Procedure: Silikon 1000

    Dr. Loria Platinum Procedure using Silikon 1000 Injections

    Fig. 1b: A good search description for Loria Medical Methods: Silikon 1000

    Description of Loria Medical's Platinum Procedure with Silicone.

    Hope this was helpful!


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      Wow I'm glad I read this I was considering setting up a consultation with Dr.Loria I guess I won't go that route at all thanks #MrRobot.


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        The platinum procedure and how does it differ from existing techniques, OK.

        Platinum is an acronym that stands for...

        Penile and scrotal enlargement using a
        Acting filler
        New and

        Dr. Loria Platinum Procedure Video, OK!

        Watching the Show


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          Looks like interesting. I will surely contact with Dr.Loria asap.


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            There are plenty of before n after pictures on His site that make this procedure look very promising. I am a little worried about the silikon 1000 filler though. Does anyone know which would be the better alternative for enlarging the penis, Silikon 1000 or the pmma??


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