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Benefits of PMMA and Hyaluronic Acid Glans Augmentation

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  • Benefits of PMMA and Hyaluronic Acid Glans Augmentation

    Surgery Life Enhancement is leading the way in providing the penis enlargement surgery alternative PMMA injections for penis girth thickening. At surgery life, patients safety and satisfaction are our first priority. PMMA penis girth injections do not involve scalpels or surgical incisions, which greatly lessens the risks associated with phalloplasty surgical grafting techniques.

    Our penis enlargement doctors inject PMMA to give men a safe ratio of the PMMA product to provide optimal collagen activation. Our doctors place 30cc to 80cc PMMA volumes to provide aesthetic, evenly distributed coverage of the penile inner body (penis tunica). Hyaluronic acid (HA) glans augmentation may be included with Surgery Life Enhancement's PMMA shaft-girth thickening to give men instant glans girth in addition to traditional PMMA shaft only enhancement. Once injected, the PMMA/collagen process initiates and adds permanent penis girth benefiting from of our custom male enhancement formulated PMMA.

    Hyaluronic acid, or H.A., is distributed widely throughout your body's connective, neural, and epithelial tissues. It is a key component of the bodies extra-cellular matrix. Hyaluronic acid supports many important areas of the body, with notable benefit to joints and skin made of collagen. Injected PMMA is suspended in collagen to: dispense, distribute, and protect the PMMA. In addition to penis shaft thickening, 5cc-15cc of HA may be used for penis glans enlargement, providing a non-tapered, aesthetic result.

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