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  • How was your process?

    Hey guys! Thinking (probably) about taking the leap with the rest of you. Considering 60CCs for my procedure. EL 6-6.25” and EG 4.8”-5”. Looking for min 6” all the way up 6.5”. I hear 1”-1.5” is realistic. If I got to 7” I wouldn’t be mad, but I don’t want to do too much to fast so 60CCs is where I’m starting.

    The deposit portion seems a little unorthodox compared to the states. What was your experience with the initial
    deposit and what form of payment did you use to do the transaction?

    How was the process/steps from beginning to end of surgery?

    How was the post op instructions and care?

    I will be posting my experience and results for all to see if I decide to jump off the cliff. In all likelihood this is happening.

    Thanks to everyone!

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    Hi Moneyshot.
    I’ve had Lengthening and Pmma Done. I wouldn’t be too concerned about the deposit, I mean I’ve tried to talk to other doctors in the states and they wouldn’t even consider talking to me without a “consultation fee”. I’ve been down twice and going again Nov 8th and everything has gotten ne smoothly every time.

    I paid by PayPal every time

    post op support is important to Dan, they will send you home with antibiotics and instructions on wrapping etc. Dan is very good at answering phone calls or emails promptly with any questions or concerns you might have.

    Any questions just ask!!


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        BryanL man love the results for you brother! Night and day! What’s your experience with Pmma? What CC did you end up going with. Got to say your results look pretty natural. Thanks for answering the question on the deposit. When they asked for PayPal I was a little thrown off, but you definitely put that to ease by adding input. Appreciate you my guy


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          Thanks! I had 100cc in a single round, actually I would stay with a max 60cc. I actually ended up about 8.5” erect girth mid shaft! It’s huge too big but proves PMMA works!!. 7” would be perfect still huge but fully usable!. as you can see in my before pic. I was a Massive Grower, i turtled really bad, not anymore though lengthening and PMMA both took care of that! I’m actually going back for a reduction and I’m having my scrotal web removed at the same time. You have the right mindset, stay conservative and I’m sure everything will turn out fine.!


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            Hi BryanL, When you going in and what's the purpose of the scrotal web removal? I need to go in for a reduction and a little revision myself. I did 60 cc last year and ended up around 8 inches thick so my wife cringes. I hope the procedures go well and let us know how it goes


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