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No more Foreskin slack.

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  • No more Foreskin slack.

    I'm wondering if anyone else is dealing with this same issue I'm having. Before my PMMA Girth enhancement I had a good amount of Foreskin slack when I would pull it I could cover about 3/4 of my head and it was pleasurable to masturbate or have my girl stroke it for foreplay. Now since getting my surgery everything is uncomfortably tight I have no slack at all. It is painful to try and even stroke it without lube etc. Why does no doctor explain that this will happen before the surgery? It seems like with this industry they know guys are desperate and will tell them any possible benefit but will never inform them of any of the automatic cons or possible things that could go wrong. It all seems to be one big money grab. I had my procedure done in February and now I'm exploring surgery options to have it removed so I can get the pleasure back in my sex life. Honestly what's the point of having a thicker penis if the pleasure and functionality is worse in the end?

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    It is not surprising. Pmma causes type 3 and then type 1 collagen in response to the irritation it causes. This is generally referred to as fibrosis. When fibrosis occurs in a fascia or sliding layer of penis, the layer does not slide well anymore. It changes the functional aspect of the fascia layer. Stretching and moving skin May slowly restore some of movement, however this is the trade off with pmma.


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      I wish anyone from SLE would have informed me of this. Honest pro's and cons. Thank you for your knowledgeable explanation I appreciate knowing the science behind things.


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        Start pumping with a penis pump. It’ll help you get more “slack” back. I had 1 procedure done and was fine but after my 2nd procedure I had the same issue as you. About a year later my slack has about gone back to normal.


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