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  • No longer looking2grow, I am grown!

    Just had my 60cc and 7cc glan enhancement performed. I must say that I am very happy with my results so far. 3 days post and looking forward to final results. I started off with 3 FG and now I am 5 FG. The whole experience could not have been any easier. Everything went as planned. I arrived Monday afternoon l, checked in to my hotel, took a shower and was at the surgery center by 2:45 PM. The drivers were on time every time. Once I got to the surgery center I met up with Dan and he was there the rest of the way. The staff was friendly, not once did I ever feel weird about them knowing what I was there to do. I guess they are used to it by now so I never felt embarrassed or anything. After the procedure I got a ride back to the hotel by the driver and was good to go. The first night was not bad at all except for I kept waking up with an erection. Having the glans done made them very sensitive. Next day Dan came by and hooked me with any medication I needed and gave me the post op care instructions. I plan on posting updates as I go along up until my 6th week, which will be when I can finally put this girth to use!
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    Congratulations on your first procedure dude!!!


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      Congrats bud!


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        Thanks, guys. It's thanks to guys like you who are willing to share your experiences that make this possible. I hope to do the same. Hopefully , by sharing my experience I will help the next guy out there who is on the fence about taking the next step. As far as it being my first procedure, it is yet to be seen. I plan on waiting at least 3-4 months before deciding if this is were I will stay. Obviously if it was just up to me I would say definitely not. But I have a wife to consider when it comes to how large I can go. She is already talking about back door action being out of the question. But I am optimistic, she's probably a couple of shots of rum from at least giving it a try, lol.


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          So yesterday was 4 weeks since my 60cc and 7cc glan enhancement. The glan enhancement made the head of my penis extremely sensitive. Now it is pretty much back to normal sensitivity. I have developed a few lumps in the middle of the shaft, massaging helps soften it, but it does come back. As far as PMMA setteling, I feel it took much longer compared to others post. As far as size, it is still hard to tell what my final result will be. I have been wrapping pretty much the entire time, except on some nights when I sleep without a wrap. When I wake the next morning on those days I am much thicker, when I sleep wrapped it is not as thick but the anesthetic is much nicer.

          Any advice from the pros on when to stop wrapping? And at what point can you pretty much bet that the PMMA has completely settled?


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            The results look impressive. Thanks for sharing. May I ask what your FL and EL is? I think we have around the same size and I am looking into getting a Penis Lengthening Surgery combined with PMMA to get a overall longer and thicker penis. I guess the FG and EG is more important than the length, but a bit more EL wouldn't be that bad.


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              the deposit portion seems a little unorthodox compared to the states. What was your experience with the initial deposit and what form of payment did you use to do the transaction? Thanks in advance for your reply.


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