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Just had first round 60 cc

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  • Just had first round 60 cc

    First off I can't believe that I actually went through with all of this and made it happen. It seems surreal looking down at a new dick and thinking damn this is big. I've never said that before!!

    SLE staff is amazing, from the beginning to the end they have answered so many questions, and me being an addict in recovery they also gave me a spinal injection to numb instead of anasthesia with fentanyl. Mad respect to them for working with me on that.

    I am super stoked at the results I've gotten from this. When my penis gets semi erect (can't get a full erection yet it's only been a few days and a little painful) it swells up perfectly. My girlfriend couldn't wait to see it and when I showed her she just said oh my god that's huge. First time in my life I've had that and I owe it all to SLE. If you're on the fence about it I say go for it. I flew clear across the country, for two days, got it done , and was back st work on Monday.

    I am having some swelling that is already going down, I think I may have an infection due to it being s little painful to the touch and pretty red, I am also leaking s small amount of fluid when I wrap from the needle insertion point on the right side. They hooked me up with antibiotics and some other things so I will continue to use those.

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        donta859 Congratulations! Looks impressive man. I’m super excited to get down there. I’m hoping I can take the full 80cc. But even 60cc looks like it would be a major improvement. Thanks for sharing


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          About 1.5 weeks out of surgery I am looking at a 6.25" girth in the middle, and about 6.5" girth at the base.

          Stitches have fallen out already on their own, and swelling is down considerably. Only things im noticing are that while the head of my penis and beginning of my shaft are very sensitive still. The skin of my penis has no real feeling it's hard to explain. I can still feel everything "underneath" so sex won't feel any different, masturbation won't feel any different. But like just touching it I have no feeling really on the skin of the shaft. It may come with time but just something I noticed for me personally.

          Erections are hard as a rock already there's no way someone would grab my dick and think any sort of enhancement was done. I think I got a lot done for my length wise and my penis skin is stretching so it can be a little painful, because getting hard and then having my dick blow up to that size just need to make sure I keep it moisturized and allow it to stretch and get healthy blood flow.

          I think I was 4.75" erect going in and now I am at 6.25"-6.5"


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            Thanks for the update


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