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It’s official… October 5th I’m headed down !

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  • It’s official… October 5th I’m headed down !

    Super excited to say the date is set… I am headed down to see Dan and the Crew this October any advice for a newbie would be greatly appreciated.

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    Any advice? Hmmm. Brush up on your Spanish! So you can chat it up with the beautiful nurses that they have much easier haha.

    just wear some loose clothing up there, be prepared to take it easy for the night of the surgery. I would just 100% be willing and prepared to not have sex or masturbate for a long time. Take meds exactly as prescribed. And communicate with the team afterwards with your updates if you'd like. They are very responsive and I love that about SLE.

    good luck bro you're going to love it!!!! I am absolutely thrilled with my results and it's only been a week


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      So how did it go? Did u make it down for Oct.5th as planned?


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        I didn’t make it unfortunately. Had to reset the date… I’m looking to get down there sometime in December


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          Oh okay, I put a downpayment and am planning for early next year. I am just excited and seen your post before so wanted to know what to expect


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            I can say that Dan and JJ have been awesome to work with this far… if I make it down there before you I’ll definitely post an update.


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