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Starting My Journey 3/24/21

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  • Starting My Journey 3/24/21

    Hi Guys,
    This is my first post here on SLE. I've been researching different penis enlargement procedures and decided in PMMA for myself. After much research over the last few months I found my way to SLE. The reviews have been positive and I must say thus far their reputation precedes them. Dan has been great so far communicating with me and answering my questions. Hopefully, I have a great experience through it all.

    I haven't taken exaxt measurements of myself in a while... But I'm roughly 5.75 EL and 5" EG, I'll take exact measurements soon and update. I have done some PE but hardly at all, definetly haven't stuck with it to get any gains or anything though I do plan to get serious about it after my first round of pmma. I do think I was around 6" before but have gained some weight in my older years (39 now). I'm about 5'8" and around 200lbs though I carry it pretty well being somewhat muscular and broad chested.l

    I'm scheduled for 60cc on the 24th. Flying into San Diego from the east coast and having a pick up for me at airport.

    Keep you posted.

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    Best of Luck!, Take some before and after shots. I'm heading down there 6/01 for the same


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