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Choosing a PMMA volume

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  • Choosing a PMMA volume

    Howdy boys, long time! Stuck at home currently with this god-awful pandemic, got some time on my hands and decided to check out my old friend pe with sle. Emailed you guys a couple weeks ago for updated pmma injection techniques and guidance to pmma volumes. Appreciate the informative return email, as I wasn't aware current size helped determine the appropriate volume not expected girth gains, as they explained not all penises are created equal and many different sizes and even shapes enter their hospital.

    Synopsis: Their current recommended non-bone pressed size/volume: As a general guide less than 5 inches erect length could get 30 cc max volume. 5 inch to 6 inches erect length max volume is 45 cc. 6 to 7 inches erect length is 60 cc recommended maximum volume. 7 to 8 inches is 80 cc max injection. PMMA volume exceptions may include pumpers or other pe'rs that have more pliable and stretched skin, and the opposite, men average diminishing volume applied after round 1 unless pumping or some other skin-loosening training is practiced after pmma growth is finished.

    Results: Size/Volume SLE gains average .7 to 1 inch added erect girth per session final results after the growth is complete and backed by reading several men's reviews and their experiences their stats 100% jive with these numbers. The size list per pmma volume was helpful, but I really wanted/need more visual guides and a lot of the models on sle are pretty above average size to start with! Based off the sle dr’s measurements and verified patients, It appears from the sle models before and after pmma pictures that about 1 to 1.25 inches circumference of pmma volume is added to the entire shaft during the injection session.

    If any member can please post videos, images, or even medical journals of differing volumes (any dermal filler, like, juvederm hyaluronic acid (HA), Ellansť Poly-Caprolactone (PCL), or PMMA brands here, I'm sure myself and others will find this helpful!

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    Nice one Saint Peter! Here's a simple volume perspective 30 cc is equivalent to 2 tablespoons, 45 cc is equal to 3 tablespoons, 60 cc is 4 tablespoons, 80 cc is 5.3 tablespoons.


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      Now that is some informative content. I am a hair under 6 inches erect and currently scheduled for 60 cc's. I have been pumping for years though and have quite a bit of loose skin so I'm hoping when I go down to TJ they are able to cram every last cc in.


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        I have lots pictures from before procedure and round 1 60 cc and round 2 60cc .and I am waiting for round 3 done to post everything ..


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