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    Hey guys,

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has had the PMMA injections on how long the girth has lasted for them. I've have the penis enlargement surgery and I'm happy with my results from the lengthening. The problem is my with the girth filler first from my own fat they did during my original surgery. I'd say it lasted a couple months before I absorbed it. The second filler I got was Hyaluronic acid filler 20cc within the first 3 weeks post op I could not get the injection holes to close and literally on one side of my penis the acid leaked out most of it before I wrapped it with petroleum jelly and it finally closed. Needless to say, I have absorbed most of what I did get to stay in there when it finally healed up. I'm looking for a filler that lasts. I don't want to get a filler every year for it to only last for a couple months. I'm thinking of going with the 60cc PMMA. I'm also not really understanding the measurement you guys are using. You're talking in regular CC's, right? Same as ML's???
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