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Pmma + penis length surgery+ glans surgery

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  • Pmma + penis length surgery+ glans surgery

    Hi everyone. I'm new here. I am just now beginning my research on pmma and the length surgery. I just learned about this about a month ago. I know it varies, but what are some realistic results with these two procedures?

    And a question about the length surgery. For those who have got it, how was your experience? Would you recommend it? I am a little nervous about this one because I have read reviews from other doctors who have done this procedure, and some men say their erect penis now points downward, and that the part of our penis that is inside our pelvic area is suppose to be in there, and messing with it can ruin your erect penis angle and erect strength.

    Also, what is your experience with the glans procedure?

    Another thing, I am also uncut ,but would like to get circumcised. Would you recommend doing it before or after these procedures?

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    Very interesting read. Now located in Phoenix, AZ so I'll be looking into any possible nearby options. Thank you


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      Looking forward anyone's experience with these procedures. And if it's worth getting the length and glans procedures, or just the pmma


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