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Post-OP PMMA Girth injection Potential complications

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  • Post-OP PMMA Girth injection Potential complications

    Mostly just a few questions to see if anyone has come across or can advise on this.

    After 5 weeks post-op (1 week before I was finally going to be able to test it out)

    Woke up to significant leaking from the stitch (I sleep on my back and woke up to my pelvis drenched) which also had not dissolved. Also it seems after reviewing the images from the doctor's site, no one else has a stitch that was done near the head following a PMMA girth enhancement.

    So at this point,

    - My stitches have not dissolved
    - The injection site is suddenly leaking, leading back to wrapping once again. After changing the wrapping a day later, it was enough leakage to soak through the gauze.
    - Stitch for injection site was just below head instead of at base.

    I've been cleaning it daily and doing the massages. Per what I was advised after getting it done I should have been good to go after 6 weeks. But 5 weeks in, the stitch is still not dissolved and suddenly it just starts leaking everywhere from the injection site.

    Anyone else experience this or have any advisement?

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    Has Dan Salas and the doctors advised you on the situation? From reading past patient's results the stitch usually dissolves in about 2 weeks. Is there any redness, or pain from the area? PMMA or the carrier can still leak for up to several weeks after a procedure and if the stitch didn't give out that area may still be leakable if that makes sense.


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      Yeah, I talked to Dan and we got it figured out. Was the remainder of my stitch causing me issues. Pulled it out and it immediately stopped draining serous fluid


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        at first week I have few drop before took stitch out but after that not problem at all ..


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