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60cc PMMA girth + 7cc glans injections

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  • 60cc PMMA girth + 7cc glans injections

    Hey there guys,

    I thought I'd start a new topic and discuss with you my own personal experience with the boys at SLE Phallocare.
    I'm 2 days post injections and absolutely loving life.

    So to begin with I guess I'll dribble on a little about myself.
    I'm from Australia, 24 years old, 6foot tall and pretty handsome I must say
    I'd have what most females would consider an average sized penis, maybe even on the smaller side. 3.5in flacid girth, 4.5in erect girth. Roughly 3.4in flacid length and 5.9in erect length.

    I was just like most of the guys on this forum, wanted more from my mini me, wanted to stand out to the opposite sex and be remembered and talked about. But mostly i wanted to be happy with myself.

    The guys at SLE are nothing short of amazing, from Dr Salas and Dr Colorado, their amazing drivers like Cesar, and even JJ from their sales team, they have all made this experience for me so delightful and filled every single one of my requests. I mean from having medications dropped off at all hours in the morning to even taking me out for dinner post opp to make sure I had food in my belly. Dr Salas keeps you updated constantly, he answers your emails and messages almost straight away, and hes always there for you no matter what time. These guys have bent over backwards for me and have really gained my respect.

    Remember I've flown halfway around the world to see these guys because of their reputation, their experience and their choice of fillers and modern facilities and it was worth every single cent spent.

    I have at the very least a month to wait until I'll know what my exact gains will be, but one things for certain, I've never been this happy in my life. So like I stated, pre Injections I was around 4.5inch girth erect and around 5.9in in length... even with a semi erect shaft my 2 days after injections my base sits around 5.4inch girth..... which is absolutely crazy considering the PMMA still needs to expand and gel with my body. And by the looks of my flacid length, I've gained at least 1.5 to 2 inches. I'll have to update you on my erect and flacid lengths when that's possible.

    As for the head glans injection, I'm not sure what the exact growth has been, but safe to say hes a nice german helmet soldier now. And still growing.

    Oh and not to mention I had an oversized fat deposit on my scrotum, and they got rid of that for me free of charge! What a bunch of legends!!!!

    Feel free to hit me up with any questions youse have, I'm all ears and advice guys. I highly recommend SLE Phallocare, and you can bet your ass I'll be coming back for the lengthening procedure and maybe more PMMA depending on how large my gains will be from this 67cc's

    Once again guys, Thankyou so much for this life changing experience. I really cant thank you enough.

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    Great experience brother congratulations!


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      How's it going?


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        Hey guys, little update.
        So as of right now, my flacid length varies, from around 4.6-5.1inches at one point I even measured 6inches flacid length but retraction was expected. My flacid girth girth is around the same actually, up and down from 4.6 -5.1 inches. I'm just guessing it has to do with temperature and what kind if underwear I may be wearing. Highly recommend wearing boxers to allow it to hang.

        Erect girth is roughly 5.5 at the moment, but I haven't actually been fully erect, so I'm hoping it's more. Erect length is around 6-6.5inches, but it's still a bit early that fluctuates as well. At one point early on after the injections I measured 7 inches in erect length when I woke up with morning wood, keeping the 7inches wouldve been nice hahah.
        I'm that girthy I actually look smaller than 6 inches in length.

        so just a few little things, around the base of my glans is a bit uneven, I'd say it had something to do with being wrapped for the PMMA injected into the glans, also possibly because my shaft tapers to the left, also not having the cock ring until the day after the operation to keep pmma in place. Make sure you have that straight after the injections to stop any movement. My pubic area is actually sore and sticks out a little bit but I'm guessing that's from retraction as well, hopefully not migration.

        Pain has been minimal, it might be a little painful massaging early on but make sure you do it, and around the injection site too, you don't want any little lumps forming (rare with the new PMMA they have but can happen if not careful)

        All in all I'm very excited and extremely happy with my results, and those minor things can be touched up when I book to get lengthening and a bit more pmma around the glans. The team at SLE are amazing, have to give a big thanks to Dr. C, Dan and JJ, filled every one of my requests over there and honestly the best mob for PMMA injections, oh and the anaesthetist is hot as hell hahaha

        I'll try provide some pictures when I get a chance guys.
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            Hey guys thought I'd post a little update here.

            I've been banned on 3 different accounts now on phalloboards because they are clearly paid by avanti derma. This infuriates me as I just want all you guys wanting a bigger package to recieve just that, a bigger package and almost the correct gains you ask for depending on the cc package.
            They dont want anyone to know how incredible SLE are and the amazing results that can be obtained through them.

            Anyway onto my gains.

            So after the swelling went down, my erect length is 6 inches (probably 7inches if my fat pad wasnt so big but liposuction will fix that)

            My erect girth is 5.2 1 month post injections.

            My flacid length is crazy, I've gained 2 inches from the injections, dont know how really, but I was stretching 2 days post injections and stretched manually with my hands all the way until I was sedated. And I'm pretty girthy too.

            Around 4.8 flacid length and I'm actually thicker than my erect girth flacid now... which is 4.6 - 4.8 flacid girth.

            I have no complaints at all, there is a tiny little lump around the injection site, but that's my own fault.. I was scared to massage there incase I pushed the product out. So make sure you massage that area.

            I'll add erect pictures when I hit 6 weeks post injections guys.
            Here are some more flaccid shots


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              how long till sweeling went away after procedure?


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                I'd say all swelling dissipated around a week ago.. itd be different for everyone and how your body reacts. It also has to do with a lot of factors as well. So I'm also a cigarette smoker and didnt kick the addiction before the injections.. I may have had better gains from round 1 if I hadn't smoked, but I am getting round 2 done 6 months or so down the track so I'm not all that worried about maximum results right now.. round 2 should put me up to hopefully 6-6.5 inches.

                The first week is crucial, there will be a lot of swelling due to foreign material being injected into your penis, but that material actually grows as well at the same time the swelling is going down. It may look like you're losing gains to begin with, but you just need to be patient with it hey. Let the collagen do its work and heal.


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                  Hey BD, Its about another 2 months. How's everything holding up? Can you send us some updates


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                    Hey guys! Sorry I havent been on here, Dan got in contact with me to let me know I had some comments to reply to. I'd say like most of us guys on here we just move on with life and forget about updating our posts and contributing to the forums. I've been super busy!

                    So I'm very very happy with my results, put it this way my new partner does not want me to go in for another session because she can barely fit me as it is.. I mean if things dont work out in the long run I'm more than likely going to have another session to get the monster of my dreams.
                    All in all I have retained my impressive results, I'm still very large flacid, my cock hangs well and is thick to the eye.
                    When I get an erection it just grows, I very between lengths on different days.. some days my erect length hits over 7 when I get really hard but averagely I'd say I sit around 6.5. My erect girth is sitting at a nice 5.2inches which I can just fit my thumb to finger tip around. Honestly best decision I've made getting this done man


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                      Hey Big D
                      Glad you have results that you are satisfied with.
                      Those results sound great.
                      I too am mostly happy with my results. My dick
                      Doesn't retract(turtle) like it used too. Flaccid it is never smaller than 5.25 inches long. Erect lenght I am at 7 inches and erect girth I am at 6.25. I do have an aesthetic issue ,a hump on the left side that needs to be filled in a bit and a little more filler between the base and midshaft. The only problem is anymore filler and I'll be 6.5 to 7 or more in girth. Wife is handling the 6.25 (and loving it) but worries about me getting much bigger. I have confidence that she can handle it


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                        Why did you choose surgery life instead of Avanti derma?


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