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    I am new to PMMA.

    What benefits does it have compared to the dermal injections?

    What does the recovery period look like- my wife is going on a 4 day trip so ideally, I want to do it when she leaves and have her not notice.

    Do you need to do a host of exercises or stretching post procedure? I am really only looking to increase girth.

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    PMMA is a permanent dermal filler. Recovery is quick but you should wrap your penis for a couple weeks after procedure to keep filler where wanted.
    no sex or masturbation for 4 to 6 weeks. Kinda hard to hide those thing from your wife


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      Ah, I have been told some of the other fillers have a couple day recovery period...
      What about if i were to get 3-4 rounds done over a period of a year or two... Smaller doses at a time. Would that reduce the recovery period?


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        I believe you still have to wrap and refrain from sex so that product will stay in place with incremental PMMA injections Just get the wife on board so you don't have to hide.


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