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Mojo's Length Surgery & Girth Rounds 1 + 2

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  • Mojo's Length Surgery & Girth Rounds 1 + 2

    Round 2 11 November 2019 60cc PMMA

    HELLOOOOO fellow SLE members!! Im
    back after round two of 60cc PMMA

    it has been a journey for me these past four to five months. It has been well worth it I must say. I have provided my first four weeks journal to share with you all so you can have an idea of where I started after my first 44cc PMMA and LENGTHENING SURGERY TO NOW. Information is below.

    LG Exercises Daily Log

    / = morning/evening times

    Hrs = Number of hours wearing stretcher

    Week 1

    Weight used: 2.5lbs

    FL-3 3/4

    FG - 5 1/8

    EL-4 1/4

    EG-5 1/4

    Monday 29 July - 60min

    Tuesday 30 July - 45min

    Wednesday 31 July - 45min

    Thursday 1 August 45min/53min evening

    Friday 2 August 70min afternoon time

    Saturday 3 August - 45min afternoon

    Sunday 4 August - 90min

    WK1 results:

    FL-4 1/8

    FG-5 3/8

    EL- 5 1/8

    EG- 5 1/2

    Today is 5 August, Itís 0552 and week one is complete. Week one was incredible. New to the LG Process, I was surprised by how the 2 1/5lbs was able to stretch me the way it did. As of this morning My glands barley fit in the LG bulb while flaccid with the gland protector on. I had the gland protector on also but yesterday it fit in with no issue. As of this morning my glands took some extra pushing to get it into the LG hanger bulb. Oh let me tell you that was a damn good feeling.

    I made time in the morning initially however I found it more convenient to stretch during my violin practices. This provided me the opportunity to stretch and play. My gains within the first week were very surprising. I also used the pulley system harness to continue stretching through the day. I feel it contributed to my gains as well. That 1.5lbs of Force pulling all day makes a significant difference. I was impressed by the tension I felt while standing and walking. Iím doing the exercises as suggested and not over doing it with the weights. Iím working out to my toleration. Week 2 will be an increase of 2.5lbs. Iím hanging that right now as I type this. I didnít feel any pain or discomfort. I think this will be a good weight for a few weeks. Im following the LG Hanger training plan with a slight tweak of course. Iím excited and motivated to continue this LG journey to reach my goal of FL 6-8Ē FG 7Ē, EL 8-9Ē EG 8Ē.

    Talk to ya next week for more updates.

    WK2 Aug 5-11 Beginning

    Weight used: 5lbs

    FL-4 1/8

    FG-5 3/8

    EL- 5 1/8

    EG- 5 1/2

    Monday 5 August- 45/32min + 4hr

    Tuesday 6 August - 37min/ +7hr

    Wednesday 7 August - /45min +11hr

    Thursday 8 August- 35min/ +10hr

    Friday 9 August - rest

    Saturday 10 August - rest

    Sunday 11 August - /62min

    WK2 results: No Significant changes

    FL-4 1/8

    FG-5 1/8

    EL-5 1/8

    EG-5 1/2

    I noticed stretch marks on Tuesday 6 August, Wow!! I think thatís a great sign of the results to come! I could be wrong. Today is 11 August 2019. The time is 1527 Iím on a plane heading back to VA from Arkansas. I took Friday and Saturday off due to having to leave town for my late Uncles funeral. The time off was good in my opinion to allow muscle healing. My penis shaft is sore near the pelvic area. I was told to expect that and thatís just like any workout. There will be soreness when the load on the muscles are increased and trained. I like the feeling and the results Iím seeing. After two weeks I definitely hang more. The turtle effect appears to be much less. After the surgery there was a mushroom like appearance when my penis went into turtle mode. It looked weird to me and had me questioning what the hell is this and did I make a bad decision. Lol! Of course the PMMA increased my girth and the lengthening just needed to catch up to the girth during flaccid position. I see it getting there and that excites me. Tonight I completed week two with 62 minutes of training. It went well.

    The wife notices he difference however she hasnít said anything about it yet. She feels much tighter and the condoms fit sooo much tighter and snug that I can use the lubrication inside the condom as she suggested to help stimulate me further. Oh yes I enjoy how she reacts to having me inside her now. Iíll continue the exercises tomorrow morning and using the stretcher all day as well. Iím hoping during this first 8 weeks I can get at least an inch or more in results. I have to keep my time of training at 35 per session due to my fitness goals I wish to achieve from my workout sessions. My measurements for this week did not result in any significant gains. No changes to report.

    WK3 Aug 11-18 Beginning

    Weight used: 5lbs

    FL-4 1/8

    FG-5 3/8

    EL- 5 1/8

    EG- 5 1/2


    Monday 12 August- /62min +10hrs

    Tuesday 13 August - 55/75min +10hrs

    Wednesday 14 August - 42/ +6hrs

    Thursday 15 August- 70/ +10hrs

    Friday 16 August - 65/

    Saturday 17 August - 66/+3hrs

    Sunday 18 August - 70/32 +8.5hrs

    Week 3 Notes

    As I start week three I notice there is fluctuations with the gains. I figured that is the be expected. Itís not surprising to me. Iím making it my goal at managing my LG training time much better from here forward. 35-45min morning and 60min in the evening. The evening sessions will be during my violin practice time. On Wednesday 14 August I had to remove the silicone gland protector. It was feeling so uncomfortable in the LG HANGER. I started using the blue tape again. I noticed the silicone gland protector was digging into my penis gland area when ever I inserted it into the LG HANGER. I took it off and later that day used the tape instead. It felt much better. I didnít do any hanging that night.

    Today 15 August I wore blue tape with the LG Hanger during exercises this morning. Oh it felt so much better. Wrapped snug and inserts evenly into the LG HANGER.

    Saturday morning 17 August I used the silicone gland protector again just to see what was causing the issue with the discomfort. I noticed I didnít have my gland inserted all the way in which caused the suction pressure from the pump to squeeze down on the silicon and dig into the shaft. Lessons learned as I go through this process. I took the LG GLAND protector off simply because it was just uncomfortable. If that silicone gland protector is not all the way inside the LG HANGER BULB , the pressure from the silicone sleeve will dig the silicone gland protector into the shaft and cause a serious discomfort over time. I had to figure that out on my own.

    The hanging is much better now that Iím adjusting to the weight. I still have soreness around the pelvic area however itís starting to adjust and subside daily. That means only one thing, GROWTH!! All my sessions in the being and when I can in the morning will be with my violin practices. Lock the door and no one bothers me and I can practice two things at once. Multitasker!!

    Finished up week three. Had some results and some ares stayed the same. My penis feels heavier in the flaccid state. I like that feeling. now. Iím staying committed to the exercises. From what Iíve seen with everyone elseís results this is a true and tried method. Patience and consistency is the key.

    WK3 results:

    FL-4 5/8

    FG-5 1/4

    EL-4 3/4

    EG-5 1/2

    WK4 Aug 19-25 Beginning

    Weight used: 5lbs

    FL-4 3/8

    FG-5 1/4

    EL- 4 3/4

    EG- 5 1/2


    Monday 19 August- Rest

    Tuesday 20 August - 71/ 85min +6hrs

    Wednesday 21 August - 70/44min +4hrs

    Thursday 22 August - 45/ +4hrs

    Friday 23 August - 76/

    Saturday 24 August - 120/ +4hrs

    Sunday 25 August - 70/ +6hrs

    Week 4 Notes

    This week I started out with rest on Monday. There needs to be a rest day so the muscle can recover. I had some sex with the wife this morning, it was good!! Oh she felt it. I felt that itching throughout the day. Damnnnn thatís irritating. Lol!! I got back to it this Tuesday morning 20 August early. I started at 0519 and ended at 0630.

    Tuesday was good after a day Of rest. I got in two sessions morning/evening. That felt great! Iím feeling the stretch!! This is all really working. Wearing the protective gland is a bet and miss for comfort while wearing the LG HANGER. If itís not in the bulb just right the pressure will cause the LG silicone sleeve to press down hard when using the pressure trigger. Lessons are being learned here for real for real.

    Oh well time for bed!! Itís after midnight and I need to sleep so I can get up and do it all over again.

    21 August 0538 and Iím at it again. Todayís my younger brothers birthday!! Couldnít get any sex this morning sooo I might as well train right!! Lol! Going for at least 60 min and got in 71min. Going to practice my violin while Iím doing LG training! Good practice this morning. Tonight I got in some more LG TRAINING. It was good. Swinging my LG and playing my violin. It was a great feeling. Today I noticed while using the stretching I was feeling that uncomfortable feeling again. I had to keep readjusting and eventually took it off. Well that was also because I was going into a secured building that was going to be using METAL DETECTORS. I slept in it for an hour and there were no problems.

    22 August I got in 45min with the violin!! Felt great. Itís a good feeling when Iím able to cum back to back with only a few minutes rest and right back in it. I can tell the difference in my erections!!

    Today Friday I started my LG exercises around 0820, a bit late. I ended at 0936. I got in a good solid 76 minutes. Iím starting to see the girth increase. While Semi flaccid or flaccid basically my penis is not fitting in the LG Hanger. My glands have definitely increased in expansion. Wow!! I feel thatís a good thing and Iím excited about increasing however, Iím not sure if I have to purchase another bulb or what. I hope I donít have to pay a full price for that. I see the stretch marks on my penis. Thatís a good thing

    I finished Friday with another evening set of LG training. Pumped out 78 minutes just past midnight. Iím keeping consistency with my training and hoping that it pays off. Iím about to finish up week four. Iím wearing my LG Hanger as I type this. Might as well keep it going until Iím done writing my notes. Soo this 5lbs that Iíve been using has become lighter to me. I can tell the difference over the past few weeks. Thatís a good thing Iím hoping. That means strength gains lol! Iím still sore around the region of the groin area. From what Iíve been reading thatís expected. Iím excited about this. Letís keep it going until I reach my goal. Iíll be measuring Sunday evening.

    24 August, Got up this morning at 0530 and started my LG HANGING at exactly 0600hrs. I went until 0800. I got two solid hours in. That felt great! I was typing up information for my VA claim and I was the only one awake at the time. I had to take advantage of that. It felt great. There was no discomfort. Although I had to stand occasionally and do some exercises due to sitting down for that length of time. Overall it felt great. I can definitely tell the difference. This is day 28 for me. Iím closing in on my four weeks and on Monday Iíll call the Doctor for my free consults. Tonight Iíll put in some LG time as well. I didnít get in any LG. I really should have done so. I was sitting at the desk writing/typing on the computer. Damn I didnít take advantage of that opportunity. I did discontinue using the gland protector while using the LG HANGER. It was just too uncomfortable at time and constantly digging into my penis. I was much more comfortable walking around without the gland protector. I also am using the new modified stretcher system I created. Iím now using a bungee cord. OMG It has a much greater downward force pull thatís about 3-4lbs of pressure. I shared it with Dan and he loved it. He shared that it really looked professional and that he would refer his clients to me for purchasing a personal custom made stretcher system. Iím excited about that and this whole LG HMAGER stretching PROGRAM. This is the PT STRETCHER SYSTEM

    Today 25 August I got 70min this morning. 0841-0951. Not bad. I take off tomorrow and will increase my weights for the beginning of week 5.

    No really significant gains to report. Iím just keeping steady. Rest day today for me

    End of WK4 results:

    FL-4 38

    FG-5 1/4

    EL-4 3/4

    EG-5 1/2

    WK5 Aug 26-01 Sep Beginning

    Weight used: 7.5lbs

    FL-4 3/8

    FG-5 1/4

    EL- 4 3/4

    EG- 5 1/2

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    Week 12 all the way up to my second rosins of PMMA 60cc


    Monday 13 October- 0/0 +hrs

    Tuesday 14 October - 0/90 +7hrs

    Wednesday 15 October - 40/0 +1hrs

    Thursday 16 October - 135/0 +10.25hrs

    Friday 17 October - 62/0 +5.25hrs

    Saturday 18 October - 130/0 +8hrs

    Sunday 19 October - 130/0 +hrs

    Week 12 4 week Results

    Weight used: 7.5lbs

    I measured tonight @11:15 here are the results:

    Weeks 9-12 Results

    Weight used: 7.5lbs


    FL-4 1/2 = 3/4Ē gain

    FG-5 1/4 = 1/8Ē gain

    EL- 4 3/4 = 1/2Ē gain

    EG- 5 1/2 = 1/4Ē gain

    End Results

    FL-4 5/8

    FG-5 1/2

    EL- 5

    EG- 5 1/2

    Total gains = 1 5/8Ē

    Week 13 Oct 21-27 Daily Exercise Notes

    Weight used: 10lbs

    Today is Monday 21 October, instead of taking today off I decided to perform an LG WEIGHT HANGING SESSION FOR at least an hour. I started at 0603 this morning. Sitting down in a chair while I work on my online safety course. Completed yet training session at 0715 this morning. 72mins was enough and I kept the suction pressure just right. I performed 10 minutes of gelking as well.

    Today is Tuesday 22 October, 0640 I started my LG WEIGHT HANGING SESSION. Today and going forward Iím particular focus to the suction pressure and marking sure I put the glands all the way into the chamber and that the suction is appropriate to prevent sliding while performing the exercises.

    0800 I ended my training session. That was 80 minutes. Awesome!! I took a pic of the bruise to my glands! I had to document that. I helped for 10 minutes after I removed the LG CHAMBER.

    Wednesday 23 October 0830 I started my LG WEIGHT HANGING SESSION. Today I added another 2.5lbs for a total of 10lbs. Iíll be working with that all the way up until the day before my PMMA injections.

    Today Iím focusing more on kegal exercises. Iím only doing 45min for my morning session and Iíll repeat again for my evening session. Itís 0915

    2220hrs and I started another session of my LG WEIGHT HANGING SESSION. Iím up to 10bs and I think Iíll hold steady there for a while. I inserted the tape inside the chamber and added more vacuum to hold the silicone sleeve on. Protect the glands!! Lol! Iíll roll for about 45 minutes again during this second session. I ended my second session of LG EXERCISES At 2205 hours. That weight feels rather well. I performed kegel lifts for the majority of the time.

    I received a reply from Dr. HOWELL today. He was requesting my numbers from start until now. I was pretty darn excited to have heard from him. I was very surprised he hit me back as quick as he did.

    Today is Thursday 24 October, 0519 I started my LG WEIGHT HANGING SESSION. Excited from my measurements for this week. Iím up early to get in my 45 min before I workout this morning. Focusing on kegal exercises while sitting down.

    0605. I completed my morning session. I performed 10 minutes of gelking.

    2030 I used the bungee cord on my LG HANGER for two hours of stretching.

    I didnít make time for a second session of weight hanging exercises so I went with the stretching.

    Friday 25 October, I began my LG WEIGHT HANGING SESSION AT 1023 and ended at 1108. 45 minutes

    2032 I began my evening LG WEIGHT HANGING SESSION while practicing my violin. I stood up the whole time I was playing my violin and performing pelvic thrusts with the weights. That was very challenging. I went until 2122

    Saturday 26 October, I began my LG WEIGHT HANGING SESSION at 0657. Going for 45 minutes while I work on my online training course. This ten pounds is really impactful! I can really feel the downward tension on the penis. Today I properly provided enough vacuum for the glands in the chamber. I ended my SESSION at 0745. I varied the exercises swirls, side to side, front and back, and pelvic lifts.

    I performed 10 minutes of gelking after my LG SESSION

    Sunday 27 October, I got in a late session of LG WEIGHT HANGING EXERCISES. I started at 2057-2148. I trained while I practiced my violin.


    Monday 21 October- 70/0 +hrs

    Tuesday 22 October - 80/0 +hrs

    Wednesday 23 October - 45/45 +hrs

    Thursday 24 October - 45/0 2+hrs

    Friday 25 October - 45/50 +hrs

    Saturday 26 October - 48/0 +hrs

    Sunday 27 October - 0/50 +hrs

    Week 14 Oct 28 - 03 NOV Daily Exercise Notes

    Weight used: 10lbs

    TODAY is Monday 28 October, I began my training sessions with a LG stretching @ 0850-1105

    Began a LG WEIGHT HANGING SESSION at 1110 ended the session at 1200

    Began another session at 1304-1400

    It was good until I noticed the blisters on the gland just now. Ok Iím not sure what Iím doing wrong but this sucks. My sleeve lost suction a few times. Now I have to take some time off for this to heal. Damn! Oh well, lesson learned!!

    Enjoyed lunch with my daughter

    This week as been a dead beat downer in terms of my LG Training sessions. Due to the blisters from not properly protecting the glands, I had to stop the training with the chamber and allow the blisters to recede and then begin the healing process. Thursday night I noticed the blisters had went down or opened allow the skin on the glands to flatten out. Horrible I tell ya!! This is definitely a learning experience for me. I have performed some gelking exercises however for the most part Iím allowing this to heal so I can be ready for my next OMMA/Glands procedure. Kits possible that Iím going to add 2Ē-3Ē of girth!! Damnnnnn thatís going to be friggin awesome!!

    As bad as the photos look there is no pain at all. The discomfort was knowing that I was careless and didnít properly protect my glands as I should have. Iíve been applying an antibiotic ointment to the glands to help the healing process.

    Iíll more than likely start back on Tuesday November 6. That way I can get more training in before the procedure.


    Monday 28 October- 50/55 +hrs

    Tuesday 29 October - 0/0 +hrs

    Wednesday 30 October - 0/0 +hrs

    Thursday 31 October - 0/0 0+hrs

    Friday 01 November - 0/0 +hrs

    Saturday 02 November- 00 +hrs

    Sunday 03 November - 0/0 +hrs

    Week 15 Nov 04- 10 Daily Exercise Notes

    Weight used: 0lbs no stretching

    Today is Monday 4 November, I decided to go ahead and perform some more LG stretching even though the glands hadnít fully healed. I wore the LG CHAMBER with the bungee cord for about 4-5 hours. What a big mistake. I took off the Chamber and I made the situation worse at least it appeared I did. So now Iím stopping my training until my gland fully heals. I should have went with my original decision and rested. So what resulted was swelling from the suction and the blisters had already opened and began healing. However, the suction from the silicone sleeve expanded the gland and therefore added pressure to the glands causing the gland to swell. There was no pain just the the gland skin suffering from a bruise. No more until healing has completed and skin has been healed over.


    Monday 04 November - 0/0 +4.5hrs

    Tuesday 05 November- 0/0 +hrs

    Wednesday 06 November - 0/0 +hrs

    Thursday 07 November- 0/0 0+hrs

    Friday 08 November - 0/0 +hrs

    Saturday 09 November- 00 +hrs

    Sunday 10 November - 0/0 +hrs

    Week 16 Nov 11- 17 Daily Exercise Notes

    Weight used:

    Today is Monday 11 November, I had my second round of PMMA! I was in TJ for this turn of SLE. I had Dr. Colorado performing the PMMA surgery. This was a totally different experience. A new hospital and much better waiting services compared to the last clinic I was in. Dr. Colorado and the staff was very professional and it made it even better that they had a great sense of humor.

    I walked through TJ customs for the first time in years. A totally different customs border transition point than when I first went through back in the 90ís.

    DAN and Caesarís were there. It was great seeing Dan. He provided me some feedback after I showed him the situation with my glands. Sooo apparently he has experienced that issue before. The guy is full of knowledge and is ready and willing to share it.

    I made into the new hospital around 0930 and was seen at about 1030. The surgery went well. Something different this time around was the shot in the back to avoid having pains in the scrotum area after the surgery. That shit numbed my legs to my feet. I remember laughing and joking with the staff with all the doctorís around and next thing I was waking up on the table.

    I was all wrapped up and finished by 3:30 however I slept for a long time after the surgery. I was tired AF. Caesars met me downstairs and took me to the pharmacy to get my drugs.

    I had some discomfort for a few hours however once I took the meds it all went away. Once I left TJ I went to visit my military friends Lestine and Luke!!

    Today is Tuesday 12 November!! I woke this morning around 0400. It was such a hard task of falling asleep. I got off the sofa about 0515. I started laundry so I could be prepared to catch my flight to VA.

    I went into the bathroom to take a shower and so I began unwrapping the gauze wrap. Oh man let me tell ya, I had aTrue happy face when I looked at the results without the wrap. Oh man let me tell ya, I felt like Spider-Man after he woke from his spider bite when he noticed the changes in his body and then looked down into his paints and noticed a difference with his new penis.

    It was much thicker and longer. I didnít measure but My eyes witnessed new girth and flaccid length. This shit is real!! I was sooo damn excited and relieved. I guessed my new girth is approximately 6-7 inches and my FL is probably now 5-5 1/5 inches of not a bit more.

    I showered and being careful not to get directly on the stitches but some how I hit the stitches on the gland and it came off. I thought I was about to bleed. However no issues no blood. The stitch had already formed a really good scab and the water didnít soften it to where it would come off. That was a good thing. I rewrapped and got dressed. Tomorrow I will start the massaging according to Dan and Brandonís suggestion. No weights for the next week and a half to two weeks.

    All I can think about is who will be the fortunate woman that is going to fill this new girth enhancement lol! Even the gland is bigger. Oh damnn! I going to be making some vaginas very happy!!

    I have to give this credit to my wife, her negative talk and sharp hurting words about my penis kicked me into action to do something Iíve wanted to do all my life. She would get mad at me and say things like call me a little dick mother fucker. I took it all in stride and let it soak in and internally allowed it to eat at me. Those hurting words motivated me to find my happiness and to show this bitch that sheís not going to get to me and bring my confidence down. It hurt me and initially made me very self conscious and lowered my sexual confidence.

    Today is Wednesday 13 November, I measured today and my girth was 6Ē and my Flaccid length was right at 5Ē. I literally made over a half inch in gains in both areas. My girth was much more even and looked well rounded and even distributed this go around. Iím definitely happier this time around. Dr. Colorado made a big difference. Oh I most definitely want him on round three. I massaged the shaft area to keep everything even. I noticed I had the cock ring on too far down the shaft and once I took the wrap off there was the appearance of unevenness. I massaged around the stitch and on the shaft and the PMMA adjusted and everything was even again. I rewrapped all the way to the base of the pubic bone as to have even distribution of the PMMA.


    Monday 11 November - 0/0 PMMA in TJ

    Tuesday 12 November- 0/0 +hrs

    Wednesday 13 November - 0/0 +hrs

    Thursday 14 November- 0/0 0+hrs

    Friday 15 November - 0/0 +hrs

    Saturday 16 November- 00 +hrs

    Sunday 17 November - 0/0 +hrs


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      Before lengthening surgery and PMMA girth round 1


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        My journey has been life changing and confidence building for me. Now going through a divorce let me tell you guys something, this whole PMMA AND SLE is the real shit. Many of you guys have been in this forum for a while and have not taken the next step forward. What the Helloooo are you waiting on. Iím sooo happy that I didnít procrastinate.

        Dan and Brandon are the Penis Gods!! Ok a bit over exaggerating maybe but itís only to emphasize my point that these two have guided me throughout the whole process and provided me great knowledge to help me achieve my goals. I posted replies today sharing my journey and my set backs and my accomplishments.

        I was not only receiving girth enhancements I was doing the work to get the lengthening for my penis as well. I put in the work with the LG Chamber and the weights. You have to continue with this process in order to achieve the results youíre hoping to get. DAN and Brandon are full of knowledge and are upfront and honest about their feedback. Donít be afraid to ask them. I even modified the stretcher that DAN showed me how to create and it works sooo well.

        Please guys approach this process with the understanding that the PMMA and lengthening surgery is just the beginning and the rest of the gains you expect to achieve will come from the weight training and stretching exercises. Overall Iíve gained two inches approximately in the past 5 months. Thatís including flaccid length and girth and Erect length and girth. It wasnít just the surgery that did this, it was the gym time that got me further (gym time meaning working da fuck out) doing the exercises with the LG CHAMBER.

        contact Dan and Brandon and be ready to get honest brutal feed back. DAN is more soothing and Brandon is more of the upfront brutal truth with some love mixed into it. I needs both because it all helped me.

        im telling you guys, this last fonaround was like Peter Parker waking up after his spider bite and having experienced a massive change in his body and then when he finally looks into his pants heís like wow something has changed. Lol! That was my experience after the second round of PMMA when I removed the wraps!!

        Get it done!! Iím so much friggin happier after getting thE SURGERY And THE PMMA and doing my LG WEIGHT TRAINING SESSIONS


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          Soooo apparently Iím able to have a tread here for others to comment and to find the much needed convincing they need to get that ass off the computer and start their journey to a new life of Big Penis happiness!! LOL!!
          Hey, I get it, itís your penis weíre talking about and you only get one and you donít want some Surgeon screwing it up! I share your anxiety and fears! Thank God I met Brandon and Dan! Oh and that Dr. Colorado fella, the old man made such an impressive impression on me I will make sure round three PMMA is administered or conducted by him.

          Iíll be posting more pics of my journey! I want to share with you all what happens when you get too damn confident and donít follow the advise of Brandon and DAN as you should. Lol!

          My over confidence and ďI got thisĒ attitude hindered me for a few weeks!!


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            great story and info


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              Thanks brotha!! Are you considering or have gone through The process yet?


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                I'm banking away some cash. I called and spoke w Brandon regarding the lengthening and 80cc sometime time back. Wanna do both in the next few months.


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                  Awesome!! You wonít regret it!! Keep a journal!! You wil look back on this and finding hat all your actions resulted you achieving your goals!

                  By the way, what are your goals?
                  No matter the goal just be S.M.A.R.T

                  Time Bound

                  cheering for you brotha!!


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                    Awesome reporting Mojo. I really appreciate all the information. I am also interested in both procedures (lengthening and girth enhancement) Have you noticed a big difference in your stretched length since you had the surgery?


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                      Eddie2018 ďHave you noticed a big difference in your stretched length since you had the surgery.Ē
                      yes I have. My girth beginning was 3 1/4Ē. Iím measuring between 5 3/4Ē and 6Ē respectively. Trust me brotha, when I say thatís a big difference in sexual response from the lady. Brandon provided me some very god feedback on what provided better sexual stimulation for women. He was correct and Iím a witness to that.
                      length wise I have gained an inch. Let me be clear with you brotha, it wasnít just the surgery that provided me the surprising gains. The surgery provided the instant (The American way of ďI want results nowĒ) and of course with some fluctuations as the PMMA begins to adhere and assimilate more into the bodyís natural collagen.

                      The stretching greatly added to my gains. As you read in my journey the challenges I experienced I committed to the routine by using the stretching exercises daily and that includes the LG CHAMBER and the stretcher I made to wear discreetly all day.

                      I hope that answers your question and provided you with enough evidence of the results that you can achieve once you begin the process.

                      my goals are flaccid girth 8Ē Erect length 9Ē. Continuing on the regimen Iím on Iíll gain a 1/4Ē every three months which would give me three inches in about three years. Iím committed brotha! Keep a journal when you begin.


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                        one question , anyone know that once you have the PMMA done , can you go back get lenghtening in the future if you want to ? thank you very much for your time ! appreciated !


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                          First off, thanks for the great story and sharing! I'm new to this forum but not new to the idea of having a normal sized penis. This has been very helpful. I'm at the beginning of my quest for enlargement but I feel like I'm off to a great start because of the information here. This site is full of incredible information. I'm not quite in the financial position to go about any improvements yet but I am excited to know that I do have options. I'm on the smaller side of small but I'm optimistic and hopeful. Thanks again-from all of us that seek hope.



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                            Great information on this site! Thank you for sharing! I want to use them for PMMA girth enhancement as my girth has always been skinny. My erect length on the other hand is nice. Iím just over 7Ē erect length. But my erect girth is skinny lol. In my personal opinion, I think Iím at a 3Ē MAX 4Ē currently! I want to give them a call to discuss my options. I donít want to do hanging and weights. I want to get PMMA and increase my girth. My length Iím happy with. I just need a fat P.


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