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  • Wrapping post PMMA

    Hello everyone. I just had my first procedure performed on Wed. APRIL 24th. For those who are already healed. How long did you continue wrapping your penis?

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    If anyone has any questions I may he able to answer please feel free to ask. I'm excited to talk to people who are in the process of having the PMMA Procedure performed and to those who are in the same healing stage as I am as well as those who are already healed!


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      Hi Tito, what did you have done exactly?


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        60ccs of PMMA


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          Congrats with your enhancement. I had mine done last Feb with 60cc as well and on my 2nd month of healing process. I continued wrapping if I remember correctly up to 2 weeks after the surgery.


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            Awesome. Congrats to you as well. I'm only 2 weeks healed. When do you feel you stopped growing or had your permanent shape/size increase? I'm curious if it was 1 month or if you are still massaging and shaping 2 months after. Thanks for the reply!


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              Seems still growing after 1 month but in 2 months seems it has peaked. I was told by Dan it will continue to grow even after then. The girth gain was awesome just need more length. I stopped massaging after 1 month but started pumping hoping to gain a little bit of length since I'm only 5.75" erect and hope to make it to 6.5" if I can. I'm not doing anything special besides pumping and a little bit of stretching while pumping. Let me know if you have more questions and I will try to answer them, maybe a little wait but eventually I will as soon as I can.


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