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is 6 inch girth possible if starting at below average thickness?

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  • is 6 inch girth possible if starting at below average thickness?

    I was wondering if I can get from 4.5 inches to 6 inches girth size with your injections and with the 80cc do I gain more thickness than 60cc? I live really far from your clinic so the less trips to Mexico the easier... Any products work in synergy with pmma for extra penis growth?

    I read your pdf on different types of procedures you guys do and like the results I see. How much volume did they inject in this pmma injections video? Do guys still enlarge the head at the same time like in this glans enlargement video? Is their any products or medicines that can make the hyaluronic acid last longer than stated in the movie?

    Are their any surgeries or other injections guys can get with pmma for more girth? Id really like to reach my goal of 6 inches thick. Right now I feel my penis is way too thin but I have decentish length according to a couple girls Ive been with. Don't feel much "pressure" on the side wall they claim though. Ya, them and me.​​​​​​ tell me about it. Girls can be so cruel but Im sure most of you have heard the same if your packing what I got which somehow is considered just below average or on the cusp of average. So most men are this size?

    I seriously doubt it! Most girls that I've slept I feel have been pretty honest and most 20ish have had thicker than me but most say the same length or other guys arent any longer than me about 6 inches or 6 and a quarter on a good day and that is with the ruler pressed into my fat pad which is about 1/2 inch. 5.5 inches sometimes 5.75 inches measuring from base to tip.

    am I the only guy that feels averageish girth is way way under rated? Give me 6 inch girth any day, I've heard it feels good
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    girl laughing at guys thin girth.jpg
    and yes one girl at college laughed at my dick size! Girls can be cruel but 6 inches can hit the cervix

    mods can I change my name to 0 blackwell synergy?

    I got this message when I tried to change it doi/10.1111/j.1466-7657.2006.00485.x 0-blackwell-synergy works, but if you cant 0 blackwell is still cool! Thanks all

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    Jelqing 15 minutes a day 3 days a week took me from 4.125" to 5.25".....years later pmma took me to 5.75" round pmma is in 2 yes, for some.


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