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Thankful for Dan Salas, JJ, and Dr. Alvarez

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  • Thankful for Dan Salas, JJ, and Dr. Alvarez

    I am so thankful that I found SLE and the group who runs it. I don't like the word penis so I am going to call it "my dick." Hope you don't mind. I have always wanted my dick to be bigger, mostly when it was soft. No matter what anyone says about how you are supposed to be happy with yourself exactly how you are, that was not working for me. What did work for me was having a series of 4 visits to Dan and Dr. A at their center in TJ over the last 2 years.

    After those sessions, I am truthfully and finally happy with myself. It took a while, as Dan recommended that I "slowly build" my size with injection layer over injection layer. I followed his advice and I am happy that I listened to him. I used to hate my kidding...kind of sad to think about now. I was embarrassed by it, and did not even want to look at myself in the mirror.

    Fast forward to now. Now I love it, and I love to show it off which is like a whole new world for me. Dan, JJ, and Dr. A have taken the time to make me look natural too. My dick looks bigger, like a mature "man's" dick, and it hangs lower, and feels about twice as heavy as it used to. I have way better sex now, and for some reason, not explained really, I get hard way easier. And when I am hard it feels awesome in my hand (or someone else's because they tell me they like to grab it.) I think the injections have also increased my blood flow overall in my dick from the healing processes, which would explain why I get hard more easily. I feel alive.

    I know this sounds like an ad or something, as I am reading it, but I am fully serious. I am heading back to the center for a 5th "touch up" next month just to even things out more perfectly, although it's pretty much there now. I am attaching a pic of before and after so you can see the difference. I am super proud of how I look now...and this is literally how my dick looks when I take off my underwear in the gym locker room, in my bedroom with my partner, or just to beat off myself. I love it. Thanks everyone at SLE. I hope this encourages others to go for it because I know I was hesitant at first. It's a scary thing to do, but I trust these people now and I am so glad I found them. Everything is bigger and better now.

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    One of our favorite patients for sure. Thank you for the kind words and excelente forever results my friend!


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      Gracias amigo TheHappyD!

      By request of verified patient (Pt. verified), TheHappyD's original before picture, "virgin case image." Patient's before PMMA injections picture taken September, 2016.

      Picture of patient's girth before PMMA enlargement injections.

      Surgery LIFE Enhancement · Phallocare Male Enhancement As Seen In 👉  BBC documentary, My Penis and Everyone Else's, featuring Phallocare (SLE) in 2007.        SLE As Seen In LG Hanger.


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        Looks like a good result for you man!!


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