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  • Biggest Girth Possible with PMMA

    Gents Biggest Girth Possible with PMMA is there a limit to how thick one can go? What's the most gained from just a single pmma round, I see guys that wanted more girth went back 2 or 3 times, can they make it 3 inches more around or choose how big with 1 or more rounds if you go for higher amounts 60cc or 80cc or more possibly? Is the injections repeatable if you Max out first time with PMMA?

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    Forgot to ask if PMMA does more for girth just when your soft or does it add erect girth too? Also what's the thickest PMMA cock picture you've seen posted?


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      From what Iíve read online and from testimonies is that no two people will get the same results from the procedure because of our bodies being different from one another. My dick might absorb the pmma quickly and get a 1 inch gain on my first round while you have to go through 2-3 for the same results as my 1 rounder. Youíll be able to accommodate 60-80cc depending on your current size now and how loose your skin is. Flaccid or erect the pmma is gonna be there giving you a thick fuller appearance. The biggest Iíve seen so far is on the SLE website 3rd to last picture. https://www.surgerylifeenhancement.c...s-enlargement/


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