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Out of town medical transportation & hotel questions for men getting pmma - Didi's P

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  • Out of town medical transportation & hotel questions for men getting pmma - Didi's P

    Hi gentlemen, been lurking here a long time following the reviews and have been seriously considering pmma for some time now. Things have been looking very keen here for many years now so it might just be my time! When I do have my penis enlargement I'd like to get the most from the experience, not only SLE bigger girth, but also a once in a lifetime travel experience! I've never traveled to Mexico or been out of the US yet and I have some questions about the trip.

    Is it better to fly to San Diego or directly into Tijuana airport? With the SLE medical transportation does it cover arrival and departure to and from the airport or one way? Can patients stay the night in San Diego after the procedure? What are the best hotels in TJ/San Diego to stay at? How far is the clinic from SD airport? Guys that have been down for Tijuana pmma, and recommendations for leisure?

    Appreciate all your time, Didi's P

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    Didi, I called into sle a couple months back for a consult and they told me it's best to fly into San Diego airport because of convenience and it's closer to their clinic in TJ (about 20 to 25 minutes away). I was quoted $140 for the medical transport service and it is round trip from San Diego to Tijuana back to San Diego for departure. The driver is a separate service from sle but they said the driver only drives for their clients. They recommended the Grand Hotel in TJ, which has patient rooms and ambulatory services available if needed.


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      The Grand in Tijuana is awesome. The Sofia downtown San Diego is great!


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