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Combining Penis Procedure???

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  • Combining Penis Procedure???

    Iím a very large guy and losing some weight is something that will be on my mind before I think about ever getting the pmma out there!!! PMMA seems to be more safe than other procedures! How do the penis after the PMMA is injected feel? Natural feeling?? Is adding the PMMA with the Lengthening procedure, and the penile implant pump a good route???

    FL: 3.75Ē (to pubic bone 6.25Ē)
    FG: 5.25Ē
    EL: 5.25Ē (to pubic bone 7.5Ē)
    EG: 5.5Ē

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    Big Blunt Caliber you can opt to have the procedures together but they have to be 72 hours apart. I have had the procedure for about 18 months now and still have a natural feeling to my penis.
    I have had incredible results with SLE. If you have any questions and would like to speak with me over the phone, contact SLE and tell them you want to speak to Big Cuban Cigar. I've been where you are. Let me help you improve your condfidence.


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      Iím a rather large man, but Iím lucky enough to still have whatís considered the ďaverageĒ size penis, at least up to the pad of fat I have down in that area!! Down to the Pubic bone Iím far above average!! Weight loss is first for me then this!! 18 months and still a natural feeling and looking penis?? You may have just sold me on really considering this procedure!! This had me a little spooked when I first came across it, seeing n reading the horror pictures and stories caused by men not following through with the maintenance!! Judging by your pictures it seems that if you do exactly what they tell you to do youíll have that thicker friend youíve always wanted!! What can you tell me about the MATERIALS they use?? I know that theyíre all not the same!!


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        The Pmma material they use for the injection! I know they use different types of fillers!!


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          Hey BCC, I forgot to ask whether you got the Hyaluronic Acid for the enlargement or the penis head?? Were you ever shown any pictures on that procedure if you havenít gotten it done yet?? Is it a permanent or temporary thing??? Thanks for the responses BCC!!!


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